Likeminded Musicians

Bandsoc is a society dedicated to giving musicians the opportunity to perform and collaborate. Whatever your preferred genre we have the widest variety of bands and people as one of the university's largest and most active societies. Whether you're already making music or looking to get started, there will always be someone to jam with. We embrace all genres of music, whether its folk or funk, rock or punk, jazz, blues, metal, latin, whatever. Come and make some music!



Plenty of Gigs & Battle of the Bands

Our annual Battle of the Bands spectacular showdown happens throughout term 2, with 30 acts fighting it out to be known as the best band in the University. The event takes place in the Copper Rooms, with finalists being given the opportunity to play the huge stage in Room 1! In the past, the event has attracted some of the biggest crowds seen at society-run events, and allows our members to showcase their talents to the university population at large.



Room, Tuition & Gear Hire

We have access to our own fully equipped practice facilities on campus, located in the Students' Union. Our practice room is available to book in 2 hour slots at a fraction of the cost of those in the local area - a mere £5. We run lessons for some musical instruments, can help you arrange gigs in campus bars and beyond, and can provide assistance and advice regarding recording, promotion, transport and equipment. Just ask the friendly exec!

Meet the Exec

President  photo


Neil Jobanputra

Hey, I'm Neil and I'll be your President for the coming year!

I currently play drums in Alt Rock band River Purple, but I'm always looking to join more bands, so drop me a message whatever genre you're interested in!

My favourite artists include: Wolf Alice, Black Foxxes, Foo Fighters, RHCP, Foals, Rage Against the Machine, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Mike Love, Prose, Royal Blood, Marmozets, Slaves, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Wombats and The Maccabees.

Vice President/Webmaster photo

Vice President/Webmaster

Lisa Malki

Nev The Bear is a small, blue puppet bear that originally appeared in the CBBC television programme Smile. Since 2007, Nev has starred in his own CBBC show Bear Behaving Badly, alongside Barney Harwood. His name was created from the name of his co-star Dev Griffin on Smile. He was last seen on Hacker Time when Derek puts Nev on Line 1 for Barney Harwood. Nev has patches in places on his body and is missing part of his ear. This is due to Bandit the cat, who is seen in some episodes of Bear Behaving Badly, trying to eat him. Nev often has trouble with pronunciation of certain words, he cannot sing but he can rap well. Nev likes ice cream, jam, dressing up, sleeping in and his 'snuggly ducky duck duck'. When scared or intimidated, he growls, just like a real bear would. Originally on Smile, the voice of Nev was prerecorded with his limited vocabulary played in as appropriate. When Nev took on a more significant role in Smile, puppeteer Ross Mullan, who also stars in Bear Behaving Badly, was recruited to provide the voice live. On December 28, 2007, Nev appeared on a puppet special of The Weakest Link hosted by Anne Robinson and broadcast on BBC One, but was eliminated in the fourth round of play, and as hinted in his post-elimination interview, he has a crush on both Soo and host Anne Robinson. In 2004, a soft plush Nev was released, but was only available in a few stores.

Treasurer photo


Liam Carroll

Bassist, Guitarist, Vocalist(?) Dweeb

Finalist 2018 with Culture Blood
Semi Finalist 2017 with Cap'n Falcon (RIP)
Incarnal exists
As does Necroptosis

The Smiths, Porn, The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Porn, Sabbath, The Stranglers, Porn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joy Division, New Order, I Hate Myself (that's a band but also a statement), Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Rage Against the Machine, FUGAZI

Currently treasurer.

Secretary photo


Julia Wyjadlowska

I play instruments.

Social Secretary  photo

Social Secretary

Ollie Rosoman

Lead singer (and player of keys) of GoldReed.

Social Sec 2018-2019

I only really listen to Mr Brightside on repeat, occasionally accompanied with a little Teenage Dirtbag if I'm feelin really edgy.
Favourite Jazz Band: Human Resources

Publicity Officer photo

Publicity Officer

Naomi Curtis

Kickass bio coming soon!

Technical Officer photo

Technical Officer

Tristan Thompson

I break my guitars when I need them the most...

Hi I'm going to be your tech officer and nightmare sound guy at your bandsoc gig for the next year. I am currently playing guitar in the metal band Incarnal.

If you are looking to hire gear from the society, please contact me by email at with the subject title "Bandsoc Gear Hire, (Name)". I also ask that we are given at least a weeks notice for the hire. Thanks!

I am happy to do minor setup and electronics changes (such as pickup changes) on your guitars and basses, contact me at with the subject title "Bandsoc Tech Setup, (Name)" if this interests you, prices may vary but I'll try to be better value than local stores.

Get Involved!

You can join Bandsoc via the Warwick SU website. Make sure you also register on this site, as it's the hub of all Bandsoc activity!

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