Likeminded Musicians

Bandsoc is a society dedicated to giving musicians the opportunity to perform and collaborate. Whatever your preferred genre we have the widest variety of bands and people as one of the university's largest and most active societies. Whether you're already making music or looking to get started, there will always be someone to jam with. We embrace all genres of music, whether its folk or funk, rock or punk, jazz, blues, metal, latin, whatever. Come and make some music!



Plenty of Gigs & Battle of the Bands

Our annual Battle of the Bands spectacular showdown happens throughout term 2, with 30 acts fighting it out to be known as the best band in the University. The event takes place in the Copper Rooms, with finalists being given the opportunity to play the huge stage in Room 1! In the past, the event has attracted some of the biggest crowds seen at society-run events, and allows our members to showcase their talents to the university population at large.



Room, Tuition & Gear Hire

We have access to our own fully equipped practice facilities on campus, located in the Students' Union. Our practice room is available to book in 2 hour slots at a fraction of the cost of those in the local area - a mere £5. We run lessons for some musical instruments, can help you arrange gigs in campus bars and beyond, and can provide assistance and advice regarding recording, promotion, transport and equipment. Just ask the friendly exec!

Meet the Exec

President photo


Callum Bains

Hey, I’m Callum and I’m going to be your President for the next year! As the Eternal Glorious Supreme Democratic Leader, I’m responsible for upholding the Equal Opportunities policy, arranging society events and generally assisting with anything that needs doing around the society.

Aside from practicing the different kinds of contemplative expressions I can make as part of my PPE degree, I play guitar in prog band Tamarack and have a healthy addiction to effects pedal – if you ever want to a have a good old chat about phasers, delays and all that jazz then hit me up.

My main musical interests include modern psychedelic rock (I’m pretty sure I’m Tame Impala’s biggest fan), 70s prog and jazz fusion (who doesn’t like a bit of Frank Zappa or Snarky Puppy), with a little added mixture of funk and dance music here and there.

Vice President photo

Vice President

Joe Blake

I'm Joe, the new vice president.

I mainly make memes.

Sometimes music.

I usually play guitar and piano, but could be convinced to play bass again by anyone who is better than me at the former. I like metal and edgy shit.

Secretary  photo


Andrew Klein

I'm the new secretary, so message me for anything be it information, or just wanting to get in touch with the society.
I've played violin the since I was about five and picked up the viola at about 12. I started playing the bass about two and a half years ago and have played nearly every day since then.
I'm mainly into prog rock/metal/jazz, but I'm up for trying absolutely anything!
I'm keen to help out with any and all bands, so if you need a bassist give me a shout, and I'll see what I can do.

Treasurer  photo


Liam Carroll

I'm Liam Carroll, I'm the treasurer for Bandsoc and Connor's bi- I mean bassist.

As treasurer I keep track of the money that goes in and out of the society, which means I am pained by every mic dropped and lead broken in the practice room that I then have to replace. Coincidentally I'm also the person you can go through in order to obtain practice credits to use said room.

Musically, my interests lean towards the heavier end of the rock spectrum, like Smashing Pumpkins, Black Sabbath, Joy Division. However my true passion lies in sad boy music, particularly anything Morrissey and Marr have ever touched.

Last year I played in the semi-finalist Tool rip-off, Cap'n Falcon with Connor, and the non-competing noise rock band Nakpat. Hit me up if you need the society to pay for anything or you want to start a Smiths cover band.

Publicity Officer photo

Publicity Officer

Amy Fawcett

I’m Amy, 2nd year engineer, gonna be doing my best to keep you guys up to date with the events we’re putting on this year but if you want any extra details feel free to hit me up

I play guitar and sing, sometimes play a bit of bass and drums too. I like most music styles but I am indie trash at heart & am always ready to smash out another red hot chilli peppers cover with anyone interested ❤

Technical Officer  photo

Technical Officer

Benedict Thompson

Hi, I’m Benedict and I’m the tech officer for the coming year. So whatever your equipment needs, be they amps, mics or a PA system, hit me up to help get your event or gig organised!
When I’m not at Kelseys fixing dodgy mixing desks, I can be found honing the Jazz-Funk experimentations of my band floorboard (with my man Andrew Klein), loudly and tunelessly practicing the saxophone, and even, on occasion, studying chemistry.
I’m also in charge of maintaining the practice room, so if there are any problems there, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Webmaster photo


Connor Bestwick

Hello there, I'm Connor, your webmaster? for 2017/2018.

I play guitar, I love playing all sorts of music really, but I've been wanting to find people to play some kind of weird metal with for a while now.

So if you're into anything heavy, progressive or downright ridiculous, shoot me a message and lets get something going.

Influences include(but not limited to): Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, Mastodon, Animals as Leaders, InMe, Devin Townsend, SiKth, Trivium, Joe Satriani, Metallica

Currently playing Guitar in Cap'n Falcon and some other stuff in the works.

Social Secretary  photo

Social Secretary

Nathan Dewing

Hi, my name is Nathan and I'm Bandsoc's Social Secretary. I'm a second year studying history and this is my second year as a member of Bandsoc. My role is to bring people in Bandsoc together through various social events, advancing the recreational side of the society. "Curries are great, but I feel like we can dream bigger"™. You might see me singing and playing guitar in the band 'Cousins' with fellow exec member George Williams. Musically, I listen to a wide variety, from Danny Brown to Tame Impala to Eagulls. But my favourite musical decade is the 90s. I'm avid fans of American Football, Neutral Milk Hotel, Red House Painters, Nas and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Get Involved!

You can join Bandsoc via the Warwick SU website. Make sure you also register on this site, as it's the hub of all Bandsoc activity!

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