Hi all!

Christmas may be fast approaching but your friendly neighborhood Bandsoc are keeping busy right up to the end of term!

Jam Night

This evening (03/12/15) Bandsoc will be hosting our final jam night of 2015 in The Graduate (formerly The Mighty Duck) at 8pm. As always this will be a great chance to meet like-minded musicians from around campus and, with term 2 fast approaching, tonight could well be your last chance to form a band before BOTB.

Winter Gig

On Monday (07/12/15) /bandsoc will be capping off a great term with our annual Winter Gig, which this year will be taking place at The Lounge in Leamington from 7:30pm. A whole host of great new artists will be performing and you may recognise some of them from various events across campus this term. Entrance is £1 for members and £2 for non-members. The Winter Gig always promises to be a great night and will also be your first chance to sign up for Bansoc's annual Battle of the Bands in term 2, so be sure not to miss out!

That's all for this week!

Ed (Secretary)

Hey guys! 

I'm Marc :) This year the exec will start doing a bloguish thing on the news page. We're going to write posts on bands, albums, instruments, etc. Anything related to music really! Let's see if we manage to keep it going... 

Today I'll write about a genre of latin-american music, which I realised is not popular at all in the UK. It makes sense obviously, you never had any strong connection to Central and Southern America. On the other hand, my country (Spain) has been linked to Latin America for a long time. That link didn't start in the best of the ways tbh (conquest, genocide :( ). However, centuries went by and we still have a strong cultural bond, a great part of it is musical. 

That's why when I played the drums I started learning some of the latin american main rythms and beats. From bossa nova to son motuno, chacha, cuban key, salsa, reaggeton, etc. Since I stopped playing the drums I forgot about all of them until last month I heard about another beat I didn't know: electronic bachata. 

Latin rythms are well-known for having complex structures. This one is no exception. However, it has undergone a process of transformation since puertorican migrants made it popular in the US. It has adopted some elements of hiphop and electronic music. The main exponent of this new genre is Romeo Santos. Another one is Prince Royce (who isn't as good).

If you are open minded I recomend you to check some or Romeo's songs (e.g. 'eres mia' or 'yo también', last one is salsa, not bachata, but still good). It will probably sound weird if you are really used to rock, house, folk or any other rythms of European origin. Just don't judge it and enjoy! Also, don't focus on the clips, they're pretty shit. :D

Hi all!

Apologies for the lack of a newsletter in week 3; while I may have been idle in my job as secretary, the rest Bandsoc has been anything but, with Bandsoc bands performing at Kasbah, and appearing on campus as part of the Festival of Imagination, as well as our weekly radio show, Bandsoc Presents, gracing the airwaves on RaW.

Jam Night

Bandsoc will be hosting our second meet and greet of the year tomorrow (29/10/15) in The Graduate (formerly The Mighty Duck). The evening is an excellent opportunity to meet other musicians from around campus, or to showcase any music you may have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Our first jam night was a great evening and this one is looking set to be even better so be sure not to miss it!


Gig Opportunities

Bandsoc have also been told about a number of opportunities for bands to gig around campus and Leamington which may be of interest to those of you looking for a chance to get involved with some live performances.Indiecation, the new indie club night in Leamington's Moo Bar, has expressed an interest in putting on some live music at future events, the first of which will be in November (04/10/15). Bandsoc have also been asked to provide two or three bands for UNICEF on Campus' Fast24 fundraising event (21/11/15), a chance for some free exposure on campus as well as to help raise some money for a great cause. Finally, The Independent are once again running iSessions, a nationwide competition looking for fresh musical talent; the Leamington event will be taking place in The Robbin's Well (16/11/15) where you will have the chance to have a set recorded and enter the competition.

If you're interested in playing at any of these events please let us know! It would be great to see as many new bands gigging as possible.

Other Stuff

Bandsoc will be running a Spooky Spooky Halloween social this Saturday (31/10/15) - no prizes for guessing that date - at a house party in Leamington where a number of bands will be getting their spook on. It's going to be a great night and there will be prizes for the best costumes so get creative! (https://www.facebook.com/events/804400796352759/)

Our radio show, Bandsoc Presents, which takes place every Saturday between 8pm and 9pm on RaW, is still in need of guests for shows this term. If you or your band are interested in choosing some tunes, chatting about your music and spending an hour in the presence of Perry and Eli then please let a member of the exec know!

That's about all for this week, see you at the meet and greet tomorrow!

Ed (Secretary)

Hi all!

We may only have been back for a week but Bandsoc have already been kept busy, and had a great time meeting so many musicians eager to get involved at the Socs Fair on Wednesday!

Meet and Greet

This evening (10/10/15) we will be running our first event of the year, a meet and greet in the Dirty Duck which starts at 6pm. The event is a great chance for all those hoping to meet like-minded musicians from around campus, and to get to know some of the great people involved with Bandsoc. Don't be afraid to get talking to people and please, nobody bring any ukuleles.


Practice Room Credits

Those of you who are already members of Bandsoc will be able to buy credits for the practice room from the exec tonight for £5 so you can get to practicing as soon as possible. Harry (our treasurer) will also be in the SU selling credits every Wednesday between 12:30 and 1pm.

Jam Nights

Don't panic if you can't make the meet and greet this evening! You will only have to wait until next Thursday (15/10/15) when Bandsoc will be hosting our first jam night of the year in Bar Fusion. Another excellent chance to get to know other members of the society and to play with musicians from around campus, we keep jam nights as casual as possible, with musicians welcome to play anything from covers and originals to spontaneous drunken jams. We will also be running a second jam night in week 3, the time and place of which will be confirmed soon.


Radio Show

Bandsoc also has its own radio show on Raw, our on-campus radio station, which will be taking place every Saturday between 8 and 9pm. Be sure to tune in tonight to catch Perry and Eli kick off the first show of the year, and if you feel you might be interested in appearing on the show in the coming weeks please let the exec know!


Thats all for this week, we're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ed (Secretary)

Finally, a newsletter from the new exec – hooray! – albeit in the slowest Bandsoc news-week we've had so far.

What's on this week? 

On Saturday evening, Bandsoc will again be taking to the airwaves on RaW, this week for music and chat with The Ready Wednesdays as they choose music from their influences and play some of their own. The show runs from 8-9pm, to listen online follow this link 


Practice Room News

You may have noticed the new whiteboard in the practice room. This is for anyone to use for writing down spontaneous song ideas / leaving messages for everyone else to see (try to be nice). This is soon to be accompanied by a noticeboard, where we'll put information about upcoming gigs, events, etc. 

We apologise for the recent inconsistencies in practice room equipment, we've had to supplement some of the hire gear with practice room gear due to breakages. Hopefully we'll have replaced things soon and shouldn't need to pinch equipment from the practice room anymore.

That's all for now, good luck with balancing exams, revision and music! 

The Exec. 

Hey everyone,

Exec Elections

We have a new exec! Please don't bug them yet though, they're not officially exec until the first day of next term. Thanks to everyone who came along and voted!

President - Molly Davies

Vice President - Perry Emerson

Secretary - Ed Randall

Treasurer - Harry Maurice

Tech Officer - Jake Hollebon

Publicity - Marc Castellon

Social Sec - Jake Kardasz

Webmaster - Connor Bestwick

Semi-Final Comments

The comments from the semi can be found here! http://bandsoc.co.uk/forum/view/topic/11135/semi-final-judges-comments-10/?page=1


Another reminder that the BOTB GRAND FINAL is this Tuesday 10th March, at 7pm in Copper Rooms 1. £3 for members and £4 for non-members. This is a night not to be missed!!! Who will be crowned the winner of BOTB and the best band on campus? Come along for a fantastic night of music to find out the result.


See you there!


Hey everyone,

Heat 5 Results

Thanks to all of you who attended the last heat! It was an exciting night. The two wildcard choices were Sombrero Galaxy and Friends for Hire! Here are the results and a link to the judges comments:

1st) The Ready Wednesdays

2nd) Babu

3rd) Friends for Hire

4th) Fey Militia

5th) Tom Fraine

6th) Tetrakis


Bandsoc Exec Elections

Exec elections are coming up soon! If you've loved playing at BOTB this year, and enjoyed being a member of Bandsoc, then why not run for a position in the exec? There are eight roles to fill. For more details about each role, follow this link: http://bandsoc.co.uk/forum/view/topic/11116/exec-elections-2015/?page=1

You can nominate yourself for a position simply by posting on the forum thread, with the position you want to run for.



Here we go, the penultimate stage of Battle of the Bands 2015, the fight for the last place in the grand final!

This is taking place in Copper Rooms 2, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3rd March. £3 for members, £4 for non members.

In with a shot we have:

Abandoned Life (Doom Metal)

Bad News Everyone (Folk Rock)

Navina (Singer-Song writer)

Babu (Experimental Rock)

Sombrero Galaxy (Beach Jam)

Friends for Hire (Pop-Punk)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, and have a great week,


Hi everyone,

Heat 4 Results

Thanks to everyone who played and attended the heat on Tuesday, it was such an awesome night, and a very strong heat! Here are the results and a link to the judges comments:

1st) Funk the Po-Lice

2nd) Navina

3rd) Manhattan Project

4th) Pipo

5th) Third Section


Heat 5 *NEXT WEEK*

Tuesday 24th February, Copper Rooms 2, doors open at 7.30pm. £3 for members, £4 for non-members.

This is it, it's the final heat! Come along to see who will power through to the final and the semi-final. We'll also find out who the judges will put through to the semis as their wildcard (their favourite 3rd place band from across all of the heats). https://www.facebook.com/events/1534951590120483/

Friends for Hire (Pop-Punk)

Fey Militia (Alt Rock)

Tom Fraine (Singer-Songwriter)

Babu (Experimental Rock)

The Ready Wednesdays (Alternative)

Tetrakis (Progressive Metal)

Bandsoc Exec Elections

Exec elections are coming up soon! If you've loved playing at BOTB this year, and enjoyed being a member of Bandsoc, then why not run for a position in the exec? There are eight roles to fill. For more details about each role, follow this link: http://bandsoc.co.uk/forum/view/topic/11116/exec-elections-2015/?page=1

The elections will be on Friday 6th March at 5pm, in H2.03 (a room on the second floor of the Humanities builiding near the library).

If you want to ask us any questions about the roles, get in touch on Facebook or the forum. Or better yet, come talk to us at Heat 5, or pop by at 2pm on Wednesday in SUHQ when we'll be selling credits. https://www.facebook.com/events/1022966274384556/

That's all for now,


Hey everyone,

Heat 3 Results

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who played and attended the third BOTB heat. Here are the rankings:

1st) Cloudfleet

2nd) Will BM

3rd) Linus Pardoe

4th) Onuruz

5th) Momo

6th) Eli Gumble

And here's a link to the judge's detailed comments: http://bandsoc.co.uk/forum/view/topic/11120/heat-3-judges-comments-12/

Heat 4 *NEXT WEEK*

Come along to Heat 4 of Battle of the Bands 2015, where a host of new acts will be duking it out for a much-coveted place in the final, with the runner-up claiming a place in the semis.

Funk the Po-Lice (Funk)

Third Section (Rock)

Manhattan Project (Rock)

Navina (Singer-Songwriter)

Pipo (Loop Pedal Goodness)

Andrew Fay (Acoustic Soloist)

As usual, tickets are £3 for members and £4 for non-members. Hope to see as many people there as possible - please like and share the event.

Thanks for reading, and see you at the heat!


Hi everyone,

Heat 2 Results

Firstly, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who played and attended our second heat last night! Here are the rankings from last night, with the winners going straight through to the final, and the runners up playing at the semi-final!

1st) Nakpat

2nd) Bad News Everyone

3rd) Shortwave

4th) Feudal Nights

5th) DRIP

6th) '66 Chevelle

Here's a link to the judges comments for the heat: http://bandsoc.co.uk/forum/view/topic/11115/heat-2-judges-comments-10/?page=1#comment138663

Heat 3 *NEXT WEEK*

You get the gist by now; 7:30pm in Copper Rooms 2, Tuesday 10th Feb, for a great night of live music!

Cloudfleet (Cloudfleet)

Linus Pardoe (Singer Song Writer)

Momo (Singer Song Writer)

Onur Uz (Singer Song Writer)

Will BM (Instrumental)

Eli Gumble (Pop)

As the first 2 heats have thrown up a few surprises, it'll be interesting to see what heat 3 brings! In the meantime, vote for your favourite here:
and let us know what you think.

£3 for members/£4 for non-members, see you there!

Here's the link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/651480711622970/

Week 9 Elections

Another reminder that in a few weeks time we'll be looking for people to run in the elections! If you want more info on each role, just follow this link and have a read! Being on the exec is totally awesome, I'd really recommend running!! http://bandsoc.co.uk/forum/view/topic/11116/exec-elections-2015/

Practice Room Update

The room will now be available from 4pm on Tuesdays! We usually shut it before BOTB, but we've decided to reopen it. But please note, there will only be one guitar amp (a Marshall rather than the usual Blackstars).

Thanks for reading,