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Posted 25 Feb 2017, 12:20 p.m.

Judge: Carlotta? Really? This is your back up judge?

Artist: Floorboard

Musicianship / Skill - 3/5

Keys - held down very well.

Bass - solid. Very good in song 2.

Drums - needs to work on fills, some missing hits!

Flute - technically good.

Trumpet - playing well, nice solo.

Synth - nice ????, basic but good for songs. Solos a bit all over the place.

Guitar - holds it down well but poor solo.

Professionalism - 3.5/5

Quite tight for this genre bar the drums. This needs to be tighter. Fluffed ending of set. Fucking buzz!

Songwriting - 2.5/5

Song 1 - Chico? First riff v. groovy. Stops tight. Bit monotonous. Third section really nice. Swapping between trumpet is really nice.

Song 2 - James Brownesque. Very good with hits, suffers with monotony. Chorus a bit weak. Third section is a nice touch after break.

Song 3 - 7/4 to 4/4! Best intro, very interesting as a song. Break down bit poor with fluffed bass notes. Most complete track!

Creativity - 3/5

Jazzy, funky stuff. No air of Ron Burgundy with the flute... Gets a bit muddled up and reverts to jams. This is ultimately not pushing out any boats but was enjoyable nonetheless.

Stage Presence / Entertainment Value - 4/5

Drummer, flute and trumpet loving it. Guitarist looks bored. Bass bobs about in the background.

Overall - 16/25

A collection of very competent musicians trying to play a very difficult genre. To their credit they have many great sections but lack cohesion to form proper songs. Some solos are also just a series of random notes with zero phrasing. Please keep at it though because the potential is there! P.S. I enjoyed this a lot more than my scores / comments suggest.

Ranking: 3rd.

Judge: The guy doesn’t know a guitar from a drain pipe. (Carlotta...)

Artist: Paddy

Musicianship/Skill: 3/5

Vox – sings wonderfully, some minor tuning issues but so soulfully delivered the majority of the time. Strained as we went on.

Piano – beautifully played for the most part. Some fluffs that don’t detract too much from the whole performance.

Professionalism: 4/5

Banter excellent. Generally very well played but completely unphased by any errors.

Songwriting: 2.5/5

Song 1: Quite motional and moving if a bit 90’s American college at times. Abrupt end.

Song 2: Bit more ‘ballady’ at times. It’s not as memorable as your first.

Song 3: Mildly more upbeat, with the most memorable chorus of the lot. I feel that a lot of your set begins to sound a little similar – you need more distinctive songs and maybe a band…

Creativity: 2/5

James Blunt comes to mind. A lot. Piano ballads, which though played well don’t offer much in the way of novelty. Enjoyable enough though.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 4/5

Such a strong performer that even when sitting down, he is captivating whole audience. Hilarious joke. I will visit this company.

Overall: 15.5/25

You. Need. A. Band.

You’ve got bags of talent and it’s been a pleasure to watch you play over the years. I think a backing band playing your stuff would be huge. A little more song diversity too…

Ranking: 4th

Judge: A chat bot would be a better bet (Carlotta)

Artist: Farquaad

Musicianship / Skill - 5/5

Guitar - great tone. Riffs are played with precision with great sustain on chords. In the latter part of the set the riffs get super tasty!

Drums - punishing and on point. Masterclass this is I'm sorry! Bass pedal is so well used! Those thuds - single pedal?

Professionalism - 3/5

Yes. Start is perfect. I am in Duloc, such a perfect town. Here we have some rules let us lay them down. Mosh pit too so that's good. Being a bit silly but it's good fun.

Songwriting - 3/5

Song 1 - builds really nicely actually. Meaty and disco any at times. Drums really build this up excellently! Each section is genuinely adding something different. Moves along really well and I'm having fun! Fuck it's gotten. Kinda drags.

Creativity - 2.5/5

Well. This is where I fall short... I've heard this kinda stuff a lot at bandsoc / rocksoc events with vocals behind it and less so as just a drums / bass duo. All the standard drum stops and half time sections are there yet it's fun!

Stage Presence / Entertainment Value - 3/5

Drummer is so in to it. Guitarist for me needs to do more. You're like the gingerbread man without his gumdrop buttons. At the moment you are far far away. Lots of head banging so audience enjoyed it.

Overall - 16.5/25

Well, well, well. There were many layers to this performance, though unlike an onion, this was sweet.

Ranking: 2nd

Judge: Or like Omegle or something…(Carlotta)

Artist: The Instinct

Musicianship/Skill: 1/5

Drums: Best part of the band (this 1 point is yours), but still sloppy at times…

Guitars: One is playing out of tune...red guitar picking poor.

Black guitar: solo better than red guitar – but still poor.

Vox: Weak. The screams from red guitar are unpleasant (not in tune). Growls better…

Bass: (????) – competent otherwise. Take that back, after the break down in 3rd song – exposes bass, all over the place.

Professionalism: 1.5/5

Feedback a lot. Sloppy. Laughing to themselves on stage.

Poorly rehearsed I am afraid.

Tune please…

Songwriting: 1.5/5

Song 1: Poor start. Weak…annoying verse. Guitar solo uninspiring. Quiet sections ice touch but don’t save this song.

Song 2: Slow to (??). Just noise for chorus – cannot distinguish. Transition in middle all over the place.

Creativity: 2/5

Not much new here. 80’ rock/pop through and through but without the catchy songs or great vocals. Some effort with heavier sections in first track to be commended.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 2/5

Terrible banter. Bit awkward.

Guitar (black) stationary compared to the rest. Band (particularly voc/bass) looks nervous between songs.

Overall: 8/25

Oh dear. I’m sorry, this needs work. Songs are hard to properly judge as they are played so poorly. You need to sort your tuning ( a frequent issue you guys have) and go back to working on your tunes. Vocals need sorting…

Ranking: 6th

Judge: Just…really?

Artist: Naga Sadhu

Musicianship/Skill: 3.5/5

Guitar: good string bend, tekkers. Moves to heaver/choppy section really well. No mistakes that I can tell – feedback attacks.

Drums: Pleasure as usual. Slow sludgy and groovy. He has an obsession with being in bands with only drums & guitar…

Professionalism: 3/5

Sounds brilliant out front. Nice quiet tuning between songs. Loving the use of Attenborough core…

Nervy at times which detracts from a well played set.

Songwriting: 2/5

Song 1: Sludge riff went on for 4 mins. Changes to more choppy. Back to main riff.

Song 2: A lot more groovy and a welcome change. It suffers from the same ailment as the first – not going anywhere. Doom? Then it gets a lot more choppy! It’s all played really well but there is no hook that makes me want more.

Creativity: 2/5

Sludge. Slow and heavy. Nice elements of doom to punish my face hole. Again, their aim is not to really break genre barriers but a change up would be nice.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 3/5

Drums going wild in the back – great to watch. Good use of Attenborough for song transition.

Guitarist is very focused but ‘bops’ nicely.

Overall: 13.5/15

Very well played with moments of something wanting to happen but sadly it doesn’t. I’d say keep at it, but the guitarist is going back to Scarborough…

Ranking: 5th

Judge: Urgh

Artist: Musing Blue

Musicianship/Skill: 4/5

Vox: Better than usual – minor moments of difficulty with tuning

Keys: Inaudible

Bass: Tone a bit chunky…but holds down well. Duff note on crucial moment of 2nd song.

Drums: Lovely and holding down – decent solo, but random – bit more structure needed.

Guitars: Slide played very well.

Sax: JOIN MY BAND PLS. Oh wait..

Professionalism: 5/5

The difference between these guys and everyone else is evident in the first bar. So tight – stops are bang on. Bang on time wise.

Songwriting: 4/5

Song 1: ZZ Top/deep south blues vibes. Great feel and had me nodding along all the way. Nice build mid-song.

Song 2: Lovely feels. Slow blues. Tasty solo. Really well written this is!

Song 3: A lot more blues/funk.

Bit sudden (??), Not enjoying this as much.

Bass is really standing out here. Guitar/sax battle a bit meh to listen to.

Creativity: 2/5

The generic city police called, they want their generic-ness back.

All the songs are different styles of blues songs, and only the third song makes any attempt to change it up with some jazz chords.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 4/5

Stupid hats/glasses…

“We’re going to slow it down…” is another generic gimmick. BUT – it’s very fun and you & crowd love it. You’ve got people dancing! Keep having fun as I did too…

Overall: 19/25

Easily best of night. I’ve been harsh because you’re all good but some issues end up being compounded because of this genre.

Ranking: 1st


1st: Musing Blue

2nd: Farquaad

3rd: Floorboard

4th: Paddy

5th: Naga Sadhu

6th: The Instinct

Posted 25 Feb 2017, 3:47 p.m.

Judge: Thompson me on

Artist: Floorboard

Musicianship / Skill - 4/5

Drums: Usually in time, nothing flashy but fits - fell apart in tougher sections

Guitar: Not pushing the boat out, but very solid

Flute: Lovely tone, great work in general

Trumpet: Also great tone and dynamics are very slick. Mute might be nice at time? Keys great.

Bass: Some tasty licks and well attacked

Professionalism - 3/5

Very tight throughout, and a nicely pro set. Banter is fitting and far from over-worked - nailed this. Large band to fit on the stage and it worked. 15:25 is just about fine, but cable whip takes a point off.

Songwriting - 3/5

Song 1 - Nice stops, very high end flute solo - excellent playing. Weak transition into breakdown and slow break generally ropey. Pulled it back once back up to tempo. Great end.

Song 2 - Awful intro - drums all over. Much better when it starts proper and made a nice piece. More open mic jam than song in places. Cool vocal break.

Song 3 - Tasty use of complex time sigs in the opener and slammed well back into 4. Veeeery jammy.

Creativity - 4/5

This is fucking cool. Jammy as fuck, but an array of solid musicians made this work well. Lots of original ideas, and flute in particular was a lovely touch of something fresh.

Stage Presence / Entertainment Value - 3.5/5

Not over the top, but very into the music. Keys - stand up and groove man! You all look like you're enjoying this and the crowd are loving it! Flute and Trumpet standout in terms of musicianship and performance.

Overall - 17.5/25

This was lovely and showcased some great musicians, thought drums broke it down at times. Nice interactions given the vocal silence and some great stuff. Very jammy as it moved through set though - and I think the songs could benefit from sore more cohesion.

Ranking: 2nd.

Judge: Another Adam Another Day

Artist: Paddy

Musicianship/Skill: 4/5

Vox – Great tone - really fits the musical style. Some ever so slightly off-key notes, but generally nailing it. A bit of a husky James Blunt - nice. Diction not always super clear.

Piano – Brilliant. Excellent command of the (?? free credit to whoever can decipher this). Occasional duff notes are more obvious as you're on your own, but they're rare.

Professionalism: 3.5/5

Banter is nervy, but hilarious - great work. Performance is very professional with no issues to report other than the occasional nerves. Easily could see you as support on a variety of professional stages. Time fine.

Songwriting: 3/5

Song 1: Really lovely ballad. Very nice to hear a proper backing track to the vocals, which is a common soloist failing. Nice vocal rhythms but lyrics don't always cute through.

Song 2: Similar - beautiful

Song 3: As above - lyrically more memorable than 1 and 2.

Creativity: 3/5

It's very James Blunt, but it's well written and comes across as proper art. Lots of great work on the keys and vocally, and very well thought through as a set. Songs tend to blend into one, however, and could gain from some more individuality between them.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 2/5

Instant silence from the room, which is a great sign. This continues throughout and we're all utterly enthralled. The performance is appropriately introverted, but could benefit from some more crowd interaction between tracks.

Overall: 15.5/25

This was fantastic and you touched the souls of us all here. Songs are great, it a little similar to one-another, and you'd benefit from more solo performances to ditch the nerves. Great stuff though, and keep it up.

Ranking: 3rd

Judge: Adam Long-Johnson

Artist: Farquaad

Musicianship / Skill - 5/5

Guitar: Tone is fucking brutal and not over sludged - great use of that amp and effects. Playing also generally on point.

Drums: Eating (??) the kit - my special place jiggles in time with that perfectly executed kick beat. No double-kick fucking excellent.

Professionalism - 3/5

Perfect opener - my shrekspectations are low. This is clearly 2 dudes making a fucking mess, but it works. No-ones booking you at Bloodstock yet, but with some development (and maybe taking it a little more seriously) I reckon you could get there.

Songwriting - 2/5

Song 1 - FUCKING. MEAT. ON. MY. FACE. Nice mix of tempos - driving riffs and accelerandos are delicious. Dissonance is gnarly as fuck. Some transitions a touch weak, and falls slightly into the cliche often becoming of a long piece. Song formats, where it doesn't really develop and flow as well as it could. I lost interest a bit because of this and i did think it needed more structure.

Creativity - 2.5/5

It's pretty old hat, but some nicely put together riffs and drum work is inspired. I wanted a full band though and I personally feel the performance suffered from a lack of it - this could have been a wall.

Stage Presence / Entertainment Value - 2/5

Appropriately ... short. I need a lot more though - guitar should be wireless and deep in a most pit. If you'd kicked it off the room would have opened up. Great drum face though. I want to be in the pit for this. Fuck it - I'm starting one. Boom.

Overall - 14.55/25

I mean, it sort of went nowhere, but I fucking loved it. First band to get me out from behind the table - good job. Take it seriously and do it properly! Carlotta got very silly on the shrek puns.

Ranking: 4th

Judge: Oh No! a Dam Broke

Artist: The Instinct

Musicianship/Skill: 1.5/5

Drums: Mostly solid, but simple. Occasional miss-timed hits.

Guitar (cherry): Not awful, but loads of feedback and out of tune.

Bass/Vox: Very simple bass work mostly, with some nice bits. Vox are real bad.

Guitar (black): Some nice work in places, occasionally overpowering.

Professionalism: 1/5

Ultra-awkward banter hit super-student real quick. Serious tuning issues through the set. Poor vocals really overshadow the performance. "Hic-hic" - cool giggle bro.

Songwriting: 2/5

Song 1: Weak opener, weird growl into verse with no vocal melody. Vocally much heavier than the music. Solo ok but very overworked and pants transitions.

Song 2: A bit musey, but not good Muse - I hate Muse. Very weak transitions again. No end.

Song 3: Better from the off, a bit power-metal in places, and still not fantastic. Very silly solo and buffed the attack.

Creativity: 2.5/5

Bit off if I'm honest - its genre fusion, but it doesn't fit - very chalk and cheese, and occasionally painfully so. You've tried though, and props for that even if it fell very flat.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 2.5/5

Nice chops from the drums, if the stick spins are a bit silly. Awkward head-banging, but you're at least trying. I suggest you get a proper front person again - let bass focus on bass and have a frontperson engage properly with the crowd.

Overall: 9.5/25

Needs work - bin the vocals and work on the transitions in the songs. Get a real frontperson and start some fucking most pits - all a bit 6th form as is.

Ranking: 6th

Judge: Adam Antonio Flingding

Artist: Naga Sadhu

Musicianship/Skill: 3/5

Guitar: Good sludgey tone that doesn't mud up too hard. Not pushing boundaries, but well played and in time.

Drums: Nailing those skins to the wall like a morally questionable right wing politician. Oooose

Professionalism: 2/5

Shout out to the sound guy tonight - the kick sounds amazing. Tasty Attenborough - bang on. Performance needs some more, and this comes across as a little nervy and reserved at times, Shy at 13:40.

Songwriting: 2/5

Song 1: Tasty guitar wibble to start - drony shizzle to follow. Jiggling my booty as you pick up the pace, and riffs are catchy

Song 2: Fab intro take, and groovy feel - nice. Brutal when it drops. Some slightly botched transitions and borders on a little dull in the long run.

Creativity: 2/5

Doom through and through if you ask me, with the occasional speedier chunk to mix it up. Significant change into second song - bordering on too different but just close enough for congruence. Still very much of a genre though, and fairly derivative.

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 2/5

Drums is slaying it back there - sticks up high like you strike the sky! (sorry). Appropriately stern gaze from the guitarist, but definitely more engaged in your own instrument than the performance - play to the room! Heads are nodding though.

 Overall: 11/15

The crowd enjoyed this and so did I - some great ideas that will benefit from development and gig experience - makings of something cracking in here (anyone remember Lethe?). I'd say get a bass and a front too - some real dark ground work would slot in a treat, as would some screamy high for that matter.

Ranking: 5th

Judge: Adam 'One Vote' Thompson

Artist: Musing Blue

Musicianship/Skill: 4.5/5

Generally very well put together as a band.

Drums: Workmanlike, and constantly very solid

Keys: Real tight tinkling - very nice.

Guitar/sax: Lovely blues guitar - my old man would be proud. Smooth New Orleans sax is a fucking treat.

Guitar/Vox: Strumming is down the line, vox are widely on point. Start solos very nice.

Bass: Some real tasty licks in here.

Professionalism: 4/5

Bants on point, though a touch of fluff between songs - mostly fine though and fits perfectly into the genre. Little bit of buzz in places. 14:40 is excellent and off without a hitch.

Songwriting: 4/5

Song 1: Real smooth blues - very nice. Slight miss-step in the instrument switch but otherwise well transitioned. Slightly weak ending in my opinion.

Song 2: Chill down - very nice indeed. Great genre appropriate virtuoso work. Much better ending.

Song 3: Great opening riff, but bass attack just a little too hard in opening bars. Vocals could potentially benefit from more memorable lines and lyrics, but that's essentially my only criticism. Musically great - oh my sax.

Creativity: 2/5

Exactly what you're going for with down the nose blues, but its done very well. Songs are well put together and the set is properly built into a flowing performance. Musically nothing new, but who cars when it's this good?

Stage presence/Entertainment value: 5/5

Oh those silly outfits... fucking loving life on stage, smiles and jams all round - lovely. Sways in slow songs and jiggles in the more upbeat stuff. Bang on.

Overall: 19.5/25

Clear winners from the first note tonight - great end to the evening. I wish my dad was here cause he'd be pissing himself in excitement - you guys are the band he wishes he was.

Ranking: 1st


1st: Musing Blue

2nd: Floorboard

3rd: Paddy

4th: Farquaad

5th: Naga Sadhu

6th: The Instinct

Posted 25 Feb 2017, 6:30 p.m.

Judge: Finble Dimble Wibbly Willy

Artist: Floorboard

Musicianship/skill: 4/5

Drums - Mostly very good, some slip ups here and there. Nice fills, very good groove.

Bass - Well played, really nice tones.

Guitar - Some clipped notes in solo section.

Keys - Not overpowering but supplements everything else nicely.

Flute - Good, though overpowered by other instruments at times.

Trumpet - Well played, cuts through nicely.

Synth - Well utilised.

Professionalism: 3.5/5

A bit shy in the intro to the first song, got better as you went. Don't yank things out when they're not muted.

Songwriting: 3/5

Second song sounded quite messy in the middle section. Songs flow nicely together, but got a bit repetitive.

Creativity: 3.5/5

Slowed down in first section doesn't quite work, looked like all 3 of us thought something had gone wrong at that point.
3rd song started in 7/4, completely stops, restarts in 4/4. This is the easiest way to have a different time signature, try to link the sections. Nothing revolutionary though.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value: 2/5

Not a great deal of movement on stage, looks like you are playing air guitar on the flute between bits.

Overall: 16/25

Fairly decent set of songs. They did tend to get a touch repetitive, nice use of stops, you're obviously quite in sync. You need to tighten up a touch and work on slightly more interesting structures.

Rank: 3rd

Judge: Finnegan McWizardshorts

Artist: Paddy

Musicianship/skill: 4/5

Keys - Very well played, nice little fills.

Vox - Good voice, possibly a touch out of tune at times. Also possibly a but too wavery at times, seems a bit forced.

Professionalism: 4/5

On and off without issue. Didn't chat with the crowd, good joke. Shame you didn't announce the end of your set, some people seemed unsure whether you'd finished.

Songwriting: 3.5/5

Good interplay between piano and vocals. Songs flow nicely. Good use of dynamics and faster/slower sections.

Creativity: 3/5

A lot of nice piano pieces, often they sound a bit similar, sometimes going in interesting directions. Quite a few of the pieces contain similar motifs which leads to them sounding fairly familiar.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value: 3/5

Carlotta near pissed himself at your joke. You managed to hold the crowds interest throughout the set, which is hard to do with just a piano and your voice.

Overall: 17.5/25

Be careful that you're not falling back on the same motifs when you write as it can make your songs sound samey.


Judge: The Wombles of Finbledon Common

Artist: Farquaad

Musicianship/skill: 3.5/5

Drums - Good power. Simple but well executed fills. 

Guitar - Chunky tone - working so far. Everything is audible. Fills out the bass frequencies well.

Professionalism: 3.5/5

Timing seems to slip at times.

Good use of thematic samples.

On and off cleanly.

Songwriting: 3/5

Nicely dissonant opening.

Song doesn't feel like it's really leading to anything.

It just... keeps going. Jumping from one section to another. Sections transition nicely from one to the next reasonably well.

Creativity: 2/5

Gives me flashbacks to the killing floor soundtrack.

Relentlessly heavy, nicely dissonant.

Nothing new, and no unique perspective to add.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value: 2.5/5

Wall of sound from the stage, but not much energy from yourselves.
Got Adam to Mosh.

Overall: 14.5/25

It's well executed, but there's not much to your songs, just a heavy mess. I got a bit bored towards the end because it kinda felt like you'd shown all you had in the first few minutes.

Judge: Fin Is Legend

Artist: The Instinct

Musicianship/skill: 2.5/5

Drums - Beats are fairly by the numbers. Some nice ghost notes.

Guitar SR- Cleanly played.

Vox - Clean vox off at times, growls better.

Bass - Fine - seems mostly root noting.

Guitar SL - Mostly pretty good, shame about the clipped notes in the intro to the last song.

Professionalism: 2/5

Tones seem to be clashing a bit, solo getting a bit lost. Better by the end but still not great. In General, quite messy, out of tine, simple stuff to sort out.

Songwriting: 2/5

Things are getting a little bit muddled at times.
Good use of dynamic shifts, but often far too busy.

Creativity: 2.5/5

Some interesting sections scattered throughout. But often they just end up conflicting with the rest of the songs. Feel's a bit like you're all competing with one another quite often.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value: 2/5

Quite static on stage. Some movement during the heavier sections.

Overall: 10/25

Some interesting ideas, but it's hidden behind this hot mess of a set. Everything seems to be actively fighting everything else.

Rank: 6th

Judge: The Fin Prince of Bel-end

Artist: Naga Sadhu

Musicianship/skill: 3.5/5

Drums - Powerful, fairly basic stuff, but fit well with the guitar.

Guitar - Very clean chord work. Good tone. Heavy as fuck. A bot messy at times.

Professionalism: 3/5

Great tone.
Outro: Cut feedback a bit early, then hit the strings.

Songwriting: 2/5

Song 1 just seems to be a collection of cool sounding riffs. It's not building to anything really/ Groovy section is nice - back to a starting motif.

Transitions a little messy at times.

Creativity: 2/5

Can't help but think that these riffs could be better served with a few more musicians building off them. It sounds a bit bare bones as is.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value: 2.5/5

A load of energy from the drummer. Guitarist looks in the one but a bit more energy is needed.

Overall: 13/25

All in all it's a bit thread base - I like the riffs but with nothing to play off it gets quite stale by the end. You just need a little more to make a song. I like it though...

Rank: 5th

Judge: The Church of Fintology

Artist: Musing Blue

Musicianship/skill: 4.5/5

Drums - Pretty barebones stuff, but well played. Good when let loose.

Resonator - Cleanly slid - good vibrato, nice solo.

Guitar - Nothing too complex.

Bass - Seems to be mostly just root notes.

Keys - Compliment the songs - nothing spectacular.

Vox - Good, decent power.

Sax - Nicely played.

Professionalism: 4/5

On and off without issue.
Great tone all around.

Songwriting: 4/5

Songs are pretty well structured, good use of swells, but it's fairly standard bluesy.
Nice duet between guitar and sax  - too many bands pull out the brass just for an unconnected solo.

Creativity: 2/5

A good set in a very well worn genre. Nothing really all that "new" on display.

Seems mostly centred around the guitar and everything is left to play second fiddle.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value: 3.5/5

You look the part. Decent amount of energy on stage from the two guitars, but everyone else is pretty static.

Overall: 18/25

It's very well played, but nothing new at all. But I think you know that already.

Rank: 1st

1st: Musing Blue

2nd: Paddy

3rd: Floorboard

4th: Farquaad

5th: Naga Sadhu

6th: The Instinct

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 12:37 p.m.

Apologies to exec on my handwriting and how it kinda went all over the paper - mixture of me being a fool and learning how to write comments to judge haha. 

Had a lot of fun anyway and hope to be back in the future... 

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 1:01 p.m.

Good job Danny! My comment on Paddy's keys was "excellent command of the ivories" :D

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 1:09 p.m.

Also - I wrote Naga Munchetty, and referred to dark growl work :p

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 1:09 p.m.

Though a lot of that is my handwriting I think...

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 1:14 p.m.

some of the stuff I've written was lost which is understandable due to my poor ability with the ink

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 2:06 p.m.

Can’t lie we were a bit disappointed with the ranking, but I’m really pleased with the comments. Seems I got away lightly with my muck ups. Both times Eric stopped drumming I was meant to go straight into a new riff and for both of them I was there like “Aw man, Eric’s stopped I’m meant to be doing something else.” :P

I think both of us knew we’d suffer from a bare set. A couple of riffs I came to practice with we didn’t even use cos it would’ve just sounded too thin without other instruments.

Props to all the other bands, I had an awesome night, kinda gutted I left it until my 7th, and unfortunately final, year to get properly involved with BandSoc, but oh well. The Midlands might not be Yorkshire, but they’ve won me over and I hope to stay around for a bit, so who knows there might be more from Naga Sadhu in the future :) Sound guy is also awesome, he did sound for both RockSoc gigs I put on in there and I was so happy it was him when I went in for sound check.

Finally, an honour to be compared to Lethe – I think they were the year before Eric and I started but I have them on a Best of BandSoc CD and my brother, who was at Warwick before me, told me of the legend of Lethe. 

Posted 26 Feb 2017, 2:40 p.m.

I'd like to point out the amount of positivity Farquaad has received has definitely made me want to keep up with it for next year. 

Farquaad for final 2018