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Hello there, I am an 18 year old from Coimbatore, India. I've been a drummer since I was 10. I'm so glad that I found the perfect place in Warwick where I can find various other musicians and likeminded people. In short, jamming sessions would be sorted. My favourite genres include Alternative, Progressive and Indie Rock. Lately I've been following Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa and thus I follow Blues Rock as well. Apart from those two artists, I have so many favourite bands that my list sometimes never ends. Anyways, I'm a very open person in terms of music. I like to discover new drumming skills and styles. I appreciate inputs and advices from other musicians as well. I am very approachable person if one wants to have a jamming session with me. I consider myself an intermediate drummer as I, with my former band- 21AD, have won a local battle of the bands competition twice, whilst in high school.
Distinction in Grade 4 :D

-Mohit \m/

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