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As well as hosting a wide range of events throughout the year, we also offer hire-out services and have a fully stocked practice room for our members to use. Find out more about the range of equipment we have here. We have a fantastic exec team who work tirelessly to make this all possible, and who are contactable via our Facebook page.

Meet The Exec!


Becky Hipson

President  photo

Hi everyone, my name’s Becky and I’m going to be your new President! I’m in charge the society’s daily life, which includes (but isn’t limited to) organising BandSoc gigs, helping to maintain the practice room, and ensuring that all members get the most out of their memberships!

I’m primarily a vocalist but enjoy playing some guitar and bass too. I like all sorts of stuff musically, but am especially fond of rock, pop and indie.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to pop a message on Facebook or via email at lisa.hipson@warwick.ac.uk

Publicity Officer 2020-21

Vocals for PrePost, 2019

Vice President


Vice President photo

Hello, i'm Cameron and for the next year, I will be serving as vice president! Following a cataclysmic term as webmaster, I now co-pilot the society,
helping out with gig organisation, bookings and event management. If you need to contact me, you can at Cameron.J.hill@warwick.ac.uk. Talking music, I am a
4 string supremacist, devoting my life to the bass and lending my mediocre playing and sub-par ear to those in desperate need of someone to play the root notes
underneath crappy power chords in slightly wobbly 4/4 time. If you like this pitch, hire me! I currently play with Mechanoid, a power metal band who play
songs about giant robots, but am currently meddling and dabbling with various other ideas.

I am a punk and metal enthusiast- though my current addictions are noise, shoegaze and math. I have a killer sweet spot for spoken word- which is totally
100% not pretentious as hell. I am also the secretary for Offbeat Society, so expect to see me there too!

(Also my name sounds like camera AHAHA)

Head Tech

George Egerton

Head Tech photo

Lead Guitarist in a lil band called Ronklesnek
Head technical officer - if you want to hire gear from the society send me an email: gegers1234@gmail.com with the subject line Bandsoc Gear Hire (Your Name). Please make sure you email at least a week in advance. Also open to receive fiery memes that will make my next toilet trip hell on earth.
I play guitar, and I like punk, psychedelia and shoegaze.
Follow @rattlesnake_theband for more shameless gig plugging


David Giddy

Treasurer photo

vocals, guitars.. in a band: C-23.. great guy overall, armed with decent knowledge on reading and writing, can do sums to an extent


Harriet Cruickshank

Secretary photo

Hey, I’m Hattie, and I am your secretary for 2021/2022!

Besides my duties during meetings, I organise socials, produce a weekly newsletter and deal with any welfare concerns you may have.

My main instrument is drums, although I love to bash out some chords on guitar too! I am generally up for playing and listening to any genre of music, but my favourites are indie/rock and modern jazz, including artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys and Tom Misch.

Feel free to contact me at any time on Facebook or via email (harriet.cruickshank@warwick.ac.uk) with any concerns or questions you may have! :)

1/4 of C-22

Publicity Officer

Mikael Kristo

Publicity Officer photo

Hi, my name’s Mikael, I’m a first year Management student, and I will be your Publicity Officer for Bandsoc in 2021-2022! I will be operating the society’s social media accounts, so feel free to DM me for any questions, requests, or ideas on those accounts and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible; or just send me random dumb memes as well :)

My main instruments are classical and acoustic guitar, but I’m currently learning piano, harmonica, and I try to sing as well. I mainly listen to indie/alt rock, and alt hip hop and r&b.


Bora Akyuz

Webmaster photo

Hey, I'm Bora and I'll be the Webmaster for 21/22. This means you can contact me (my details are below) for any issues you have with the website (forum, BotB signup, practice room booking etc...).

I'm also a guitar player and a big punk/alternative fan. I've also been into shoegaze and slowcore lately so you might hear my projects with those next year. My (current) favourite bands include Radiohead, The Strokes, IDLES, Black Midi and many more!

If you have a cool project in mind with a unique sound, drop me a message and we'll see how our jam goes!

Discord: B-Rabbid#7445
Email: bora.akyuz@warwick.ac.uk

Deputy Tech

Harry Rance

Deputy Tech  photo

Hi my names Harry, I’m a drummer and I’m deputy tech for bandsoc! My role involves maintaining Bandsoc equipment as well as setting gigs up with the head technical officer. If you’re in need of gear hire please contact my overlord, George Egerton. If you’re in need of a drummer, feel free to message me, I’m open to essentially any project!


Rhythian Morris

Photographer  photo

Hey, so I'm Rhythian and I will be your new Photographer Exec for 20/21. This means I take, edit, and all-around produce the photo and video media for the society. As well as this I help with the general running of the society, setting up and helping organize our shows or socials, and working with the rest of the Exec Team to keep it all running.

I sadly have ZERO musical talent - that is apart from my great ear and pristine taste - so although I cant and well frankly wouldn't want to be up there on the stage, I know a fair amount about the background in and outs of running a show. Of course, also, I spend my time during sets taking photos, filming performances and then taking that all home to edit and get back to our bands.

If you have any questions, either about taking the photos or having them taken, or you're just interested in the industry in some way or want to get involved in the society in general. drop me a message on Facebook :)

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