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As well as hosting a wide range of events throughout the year, we also offer hire-out services and have a fully stocked practise room for our members to use. Find out more about the range of equipment we have here. We have a fantastic exec team who work tirelessly to make this all possible, and who are contactable via our Facebook page.

Meet The Exec!


Neil Jobanputra

President  photo

Hey, I'm Neil and I'm going to be your President for the next year! I'm involved in the day-to-day running of the society, whether that means helping to maintain the practice room, organising gigs, or bullying Tristan.

I currently play drums in various bands (see below for details), and I've played various genres very badly (indie, doom metal, and 'comedy R&B-rock' to name a few).

If you have any questions about the society, need any advice/help getting gigs or contacts, want to jam or just want to hang out, feel free to drop me a message on FaceBook!

President 2018-2020
Battle of the Bands 2019 Runner-Up/Semi Finalist

River Purple 2017-present (Semi Finals 2019)
Pascal and the PDF Files 2018-2019 (Runner Up 2019)
Crone 2018-present
Tøkyo SexWale 2019-present

Vice President

Naomi Curtis

Vice President photo

I'm Naomi, GoldReed's lead edgelord
Can stand in as an edgelord for hire, pls message for more info.

Head Tech

Tristan Thompson

Head Tech photo

ShIbBoLeTh iS tHe BeSt DoOm BaNd

If you are looking to hire gear from the society, please contact me by email at tristan.thompson101@gmail.com with the subject title "Bandsoc Gear Hire, (Name)". Gear hires are dependant on the type of event the gear will be used for and we ask that we are given at least a weeks notice for all hire outs.

I am happy to do minor setup and electronics changes (such as pickup changes) on your guitars and basses, contact me at tristan.thompson101@gmail.com with the subject title "Bandsoc Tech Setup, (Name)" if this interests you. Prices may vary but I'll try to be better value than local stores.


Jack Osmond

Treasurer photo

GoldReed, rhythm guitarist and backing vox. Proficient at neither.


Sam Sutton

Secretary photo

Sam Sutton (from Sam Sutton and the boys).

Publicity Officer

Luke Eves

Publicity Officer photo

yeetus yeetus commit self deletus


Lisa Malki

Webmaster photo

I play a non-negligible amount of bass really kinda badly, but have occasionally been known to venture out of my four-stringed (five if you're a prick) safe space and pick up an actual electric guitar.

I'm mainly into punk and grunge, but quite like some doom/stoner rock as well as other random sub-sub-sub genres of metal I can't be bothered to name. Pixies, Nirvana, Babes in Toyland, Electric Wizard, Melvins, Clash and Stoned Jesus are bands I've listened to at one or more points over the past 20 years.

Deupty Tech

Rich Caswell-Jones

Deupty Tech  photo

have been a drummer since the age of thirteen, having been in multiple bands and ensembles. Currently drum in the indie-rock band GoldReed

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