Bandsoc offers both practice room and gear hire services. The former can be booked on this page, please request the latter here.

Please note, all gear hires must be requested with at least ONE WEEK'S notice. We will be unable to hire out any gear if less than a week's notice is given.

Our practice room is located on the link bridge between the SU Atrium and the Rootes building, in the dance studio, and is available for booking in 1 and a half hour slots from 9am to 15:30pm, 5 days a week. Further details on where we are located can be found in our Facebook video

Entry to the room requires a code, which you will receive upon booking a slot, so be sure to make a note of it!

Practice Room Rules

To ensure that the practice room is used in a way that is safe and COVID secure, we are implementing the following rules:

  1. No more than 6 people in the practice room at any one time
  2. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines where possible (2m)
  3. When not playing please keep the windows open to provide ventilation
  4. Please wipe down all the equipment when you have finished using the room
  5. Please do not rehearse with more than 2 groups of people per half term
  6. If possible, Vocalists should provide their own microphones
  7. Non-vocalists must wear facemasks when possible
  8. Please wash/sanitise your hands upon entry and exit to the room
  9. Please leave promptly after your slot has finished
  10. Please note that all these rules are constantly under review by us. Changes in government policy will always overrule any Bandsoc rules. These laws are also subject to change depending on changes to SU and University policy as well.


    The practice room contains the following equipment for bands to use:

    • 2 guitar amps
    • A bass guitar amp
    • A drum kit (including breakables)
    • A keyboard
    • 3 vocal microphones, with associated stands
    • A PA system

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