Hey hey all,

Week 5 is upon us and that means exams have started for many of us :( Good luck to all of you and best of luck to all those who have already finished! Think this serves as a reminder of the importance of a way to destress e.g. get excited for Week 8 Kasbah gig!


BOTB 2015-16 Final photos have now been uploaded so head to the Facebook page to relive this fantastic night! Thanks to Alex Wilks photography for this.


There will be no all-society meetings over the next two weeks due to exams, but we will still be selling credits at the SUHQ from 1-1:30pm on Wednesdays. Remember this is your only opportunity to get credits so make sure to turn up! This week our VP Ed will be selling these so look out for him, but from next week again it will be back to Ege.

Radio Show

As per usual every two weeks Bandsoc presents takes over RaW from 8pm on Tuesday so make sure to listen in to Eli/Ed/Matt next week. (Tuesday Week 6)

As said before, best of luck to everyone and hope to see you all after the next couple of weeks,

bandsoc love,


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Hey guys,

Quick email for you lot this week

Bandsoc Presents - Stewart's Taphouse Gig:

Today Bandsoc will be hosting their first gig at the newly refurbished Stewart's Taphouse (formally the Undergraduate). Bands to arrive from 7:30pm, doors open from 8pm and bands to start playing from 8:30pm - 11pm. Performing will be : Eli Gumble, The Hazels, Musing Blue, Draper and Framed. Come support these amazing bands and take a night off the library #topbandssoyoubetterbethere.

Kasbah Gig (Week 8):

Bandsoc are going to be hosting a gig at the Coventry classic - Kasbah. It's an amazing venue and an awesome gig opportunity so please let the exec know soon if you wish to play because band space is very limited. Who doesn't love Kasbah Mondays?? #bandsoctakesoverkasbah


As per usual to collect credits make sure you come to the All Society Meetings at 1pm on Wednesdays in the SUHQ. Your only opportunity to get them and to get priority gig slots so make sure you talk to Ege!

Again, make sure you get to these opportunities for a night off of top notch music, bandsoc bant and another to reason to down some drinks.

Bandsoc love,


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Thanks to all those of you who came along to Zephyr Lounge on Thursday to catch the Semi Final. I’m sure you’ll all agree it was a fantastic night, and it was great to see such a huge turnout cheering on six of the best bands to have entered the competition this year. Congratulations to all the acts that made it this far in the competition but especially to Shortwave, who were the deserving winners of the last slot in next week’s Grand Final. The full results from the Semi Final were:

1. Shortwave
2. Fey Militia
3. Musing Blue
4. Instinct
5. Jack Rawlins
6. Kimbo

You can check out the judges comments from the heat here and hopefully the RaW recordings from the night will be available soon.

The Grand Final

With Shortwave completing the line-up, on Thursday (10.03.16) we will conclude this year’s Battle of the Bands with the Grand Final, where one act will be crowned the winner. The Final will be taking place on campus in Copper Rooms 1 where doors will open at 7:30 and tickets will cost £3 for members and £4 for non-members. The acts performing in the final will be:

Abandoned Life
Eli Gumble
Meeting Chico
The Ready Wednesdays

This should be an incredible finale to what has been a fantastic Battle of the Bands and it would be great to see you all there! You can weigh in on who you think will emerge victorious here and take part in our BOTB 2016 Oscars here.

Okay guys,

Our new exec has been elected in, so here are the lucky folks you've chosen to lead this society to greatness over the next year!

President: Jake Hollebon
Vice President: Ed Randall
Secretary: Abigail Daniel

Treasurer: Ege Kayan
Social: Jack Rawlins
Publicity: Lizzie Adsett
Technical Officer: Rowan Carew
Webmaster: Connor Bestwick

Please be kind to the newbies as they learn the ropes, and thanks for voting them in!

The Exec

Hi all,

In case you’d forgotten in all the Semi Final excitement, tomorrow (04.03.16) is our Bandsoc AGM, which will be taking place at 7pm in SU Meeting Room 4/5. This is your annual chance to have your say and choose who you would like to be running Bandsoc for the next year, so please come along and cast your vote! If you would like to run for an exec position but are yet to do so, there’s still time; the deadline for announcing your candidacy is the end of tonight’s Semi Final at 11pm, and you can run for up to 3 exec positions here.

As we’ve received a few messages from members of the society who will be unable to make it to the AGM (and we appreciate that some of you probably have more exciting things planned for your Friday night) we’re allowing voting via email. Just email us at su260@warwicksu.com with your name and the candidates for each exec position ranked in order of preference (1 for first choice, 2 for second, RON for re-open nominations, etc.) - a template will be sent out to make things easier as soon as applications close tonight. Email voting will open tonight at 11pm and close at 6pm tomorrow, an hour before the elections take place.

It turns out that voting through email in society elections is against SU policy (thanks to the former exec for cluing us up on this) and as such we're no longer going to be hosting votes through email. Sorry about this. We're looking into other ways that absent members may be able to cast there vote (i.e. phoning in) but as things stand, the AGM will take place tomorrow as planned, simply without email votes.

Thanks for your understanding.

Peace and love,

The Exec

With the Semi Final and Final of Battle of the Bands fast approaching, we will once again be allowing participating acts priority in booking practice room slots in the week leading up to the event. Bandsoc Exec will be in the SU between 12 and 1pm this Friday (26.02.16) where acts competing in the Semi Final can drop by and book two slots each on a first-come, first-served basis. The same will happen the following Friday (04.03.16) in order to allocate slots for the Final. As soon as the competing acts have chosen their slots, bookings will re-open for all Bandsoc members as usual. If you are one of the acts entitled to priority in booking slots but are unable to meet with exec at the allocated times, just let us know and we should be able to sort something out; we're nice like that.

Hi all!

Another week, another heat, and this one saw five of Warwick's finest solo artists fighting it out to claim the fourth spot in this year's Grand Final. The results from the heat were:
1. Eli Gumble
2. Jack Rawlands
3. Jay Singh
4. David Brass
5. Antony James

As always, huge thanks to all those who came along to watch - especially considering that it's reading week - and congratulations to all the acts involved, particularly Eli and Jack who took the spots in the final and the semi final respectively. The judges comments from last night should be on the forum by tomorrow afternoon, and don't forget to keep an eye out for the RaW recordings which should hopefully broadcast at some point this week.

Heat 5

Next Thursday (25.02.16) we'll be concluding the heats, with the final five acts making the trip to Zephyr Lounge with the aim of booking themselves a slot in the final. As always, doors will open at 8pm and entry will be £3 for members and £4 for non-members. The acts performing in this heat will be:
- Draper
- Fey Militia
- Framed
- Mercia
- Various Artists

This looks set to be another great heat and we hope to see as many of you there as possible! Feel free to weigh in on which of the bands you think will be claiming a slot in the final here on the forum.

Exec Elections

Although it feels like we only took over yesterday, the imminent end of Battle of the Bands - tragically - means that it's time for us current exec to hang up our boots and make way for some new blood. We will elect our new exec at the Bandsoc AGM which will likely take place at the end of Week 8, and if you feel like becoming part of the exec might be of interest to you (which it definitely should be), you can put your name forward for one or more exec positions here on the forum.

That's all for this week,

Peace and love,

The Exec

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who came along to Battle of the Bands Heat 3 on Tuesday, it was another great night with plenty more talent on display. The results of the heat were:

1. Abandoned Life

2. Musing Blue

3. The Instinct

4. Untamed Americas

5. Joanna

Congratulations to all involved but especially to Abandoned Life and Musing Blue who have booked their slots in the final and semi final. You can check out the judges comments here on the forum. Unfortunately we've been having some more trouble with the recordings, meaning that it's looking unlikely RaW will be broadcasting any audio from this heat. We're really sorry about this and should have the problem fixed by the next heat.

Heat 4 is back to its regular slot on Thursday, with doors opening at 8pm as usual. The acts performing this week will be:

Jay Singh


Anthony James


Eli Gumble

This promises to be another great and we hope to see you all there!

Peace and love,

The Exec

Hi all!

Christmas may be fast approaching but your friendly neighborhood Bandsoc are keeping busy right up to the end of term!

Jam Night

This evening (03/12/15) Bandsoc will be hosting our final jam night of 2015 in The Graduate (formerly The Mighty Duck) at 8pm. As always this will be a great chance to meet like-minded musicians from around campus and, with term 2 fast approaching, tonight could well be your last chance to form a band before BOTB.

Winter Gig

On Monday (07/12/15) /bandsoc will be capping off a great term with our annual Winter Gig, which this year will be taking place at The Lounge in Leamington from 7:30pm. A whole host of great new artists will be performing and you may recognise some of them from various events across campus this term. Entrance is £1 for members and £2 for non-members. The Winter Gig always promises to be a great night and will also be your first chance to sign up for Bansoc's annual Battle of the Bands in term 2, so be sure not to miss out!

That's all for this week!

Ed (Secretary)

Hey guys! 

I'm Marc :) This year the exec will start doing a bloguish thing on the news page. We're going to write posts on bands, albums, instruments, etc. Anything related to music really! Let's see if we manage to keep it going... 

Today I'll write about a genre of latin-american music, which I realised is not popular at all in the UK. It makes sense obviously, you never had any strong connection to Central and Southern America. On the other hand, my country (Spain) has been linked to Latin America for a long time. That link didn't start in the best of the ways tbh (conquest, genocide :( ). However, centuries went by and we still have a strong cultural bond, a great part of it is musical. 

That's why when I played the drums I started learning some of the latin american main rythms and beats. From bossa nova to son motuno, chacha, cuban key, salsa, reaggeton, etc. Since I stopped playing the drums I forgot about all of them until last month I heard about another beat I didn't know: electronic bachata. 

Latin rythms are well-known for having complex structures. This one is no exception. However, it has undergone a process of transformation since puertorican migrants made it popular in the US. It has adopted some elements of hiphop and electronic music. The main exponent of this new genre is Romeo Santos. Another one is Prince Royce (who isn't as good).

If you are open minded I recomend you to check some or Romeo's songs (e.g. 'eres mia' or 'yo también', last one is salsa, not bachata, but still good). It will probably sound weird if you are really used to rock, house, folk or any other rythms of European origin. Just don't judge it and enjoy! Also, don't focus on the clips, they're pretty shit. :D