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Hey everybody,

Was good to see so many of you at the meet and greet on Wednesday, hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves and met plenty of like-minded musicians! If you didn't find anybody then fear not, we still have a bunch of events coming up over the course of the term where you can get to know each other and form some awesome bands. Of course if you don't manage to make it to any socials, you can still post in the classifieds section of the website and find people that way!

As some of you may know, RockSoc are running their regular Pre-Crash event tonight in Copper Rooms 2, featuring Bandsoc's very own Gunmen of the Apocalypse. Well on top of that, Bandsoc shall be crashing Crash with our own little pub social before that, pre-pre-Crash! We'll be in the Dirty Duck from 6pm, but feel free to join us at any point for a few drinks. If you can't find us, keep an eye out for our publicity officer Matt Cooper, he's kinda hard to miss ever since he bleached his hair...

If that doesn't sound like your kind of thing, you may perhaps want to check out REVOLT instead, a punk event taking place tonight from 6pm at Taylor John's House in Coventry.

Looking beyond tonight, next week sees Oxjam taking place with numerous music events happening around campus, all in aid of charity. On Thursday evening we're going to be running an Oxjam gig in Copper Rooms 2 featuring several Bandsoc bands, which you should all come and check out! Tickets can be purchased on the SU website. Oxfam are also looking for anybody interested in either playing a small set or having a jam on the Piazza on Tuesday or Thursday, if that takes your fancy then fire an e-mail to Agathe at

Finally regarding the practice room, unfortunately it remains out of action and unavailable for booking, but we're continuing to work hard on getting it repaired as soon as possible. In the meantime however, One Nation Studios in Leamington have kindly offered all Bandsoc members a 20% discount on practice sessions, so we definitely recommend giving them a try if you're in the Leamington area.

Cheers all, hope to see plenty of you at the social tonight!

Hello all!

Firstly, to the new members, welcome to Warwick university, and the best society it has to offer: Bandsoc! To our older members, welcome back for another year, and we're proud to let you know we've got plenty in store.

Best of Bandsoc CD

To the lucky 200 who got a CD at the societies fair, well done and I hope you enjoyed it! For everyone else, the full CD can be found here on the Bandsoc Soundcloud so have a listen at your leisure. All the bands featured are Bandsoc born and bred from the past year or two, and there are some really brilliant tracks up there.

First Meet & Greet Social

The first meeting of the year will be held this Wednesday (10th Oct) at 2pm in the Central Meeting Room in SUHQ (above Costcutters). There will be a short intro to the society and what we do, and we'll then head over to The Terrace Bar for an afternoon jam session until 6pm, so bring your instruments along, be that guitar, bass, drumsticks, vocal chords or triangle! Don't be afraid to bring some more random instruments as well, Bandsoc caters to pretty much every genre and so everyone is welcome. Don't worry if you don't have your own instruments with you, there will be borrowable kit on the day for you to use! It'll be a brilliant way to start the year and meet some new people so make sure you come along, and don't be afraid to arrive at The Terrace Bar late if you miss the initial meeting, just come along whenever.

Gigs & Events over the next few weeks

The first Bandsoc gig of the year will be Oxjam: Bandsoc Live next Thurday (18th Oct) in the Copper Rooms 2 chill out space, featuring Subject To Change, Jordan & The Sketch Heads, Gunmen of The Apocalypse, Coast is Clear and EOSM. It'll be a great chance to see some of last year's bands perform if you haven't before, and promises to be a fun evening regardless with proceeds going to Oxfam, so come on down to that too.

In the first of the "Bandsoc Goes To..." events that we will be holding this year, we will be going to Pre-Crash this Saturday (13th Oct) to watch Gunmen of The Apocalypse support London based band The Graphic at the first of the Union's Rock nights this year, so come join us there at 8pm!

On Thursday week 4 (25th Oct) we will also be holding a Jam Night in the Mighty Duck similar to the one this week, so don't worry if you can't make the first one! Alternatively, you could come to both though, which would be twice as epic!

The Practice Room

As many of you will already be aware, we operate a practise room in the Westwood Music Centre available for hire at a rate of £5 per two hours. Following the leak in the roof that happened towards the end of last year the room is unfortunately still out of use, but we are working extremely hard to get it up and running for you as soon as possible! We will notify you all as soon as it is available again. In the mean time, we are doing our best to negotiate a discount with One Nation studios in Leamington Spa for you to use, and you can contact them on 07748788036 or 07752467965 for bookings.

Well done for making it to the end of this post, we look forward to meeting you all very soon, so see you on Wednesday!

Much Bandsoc love


Bandsoc Secretary

Hi all!

Welcome to the new year, and the brand new Bandsoc website!

Our goal with this new site was to better integrate the community aspects with the rest of the site, and make information about society happenings more accessible. We're still actively developing, so expect more changes as term goes on.

Whilst we have opted to start running the new version now, some features are still incomplete, and we do expect some bugs to crop up, so if you encounter anything broken, please do raise the issue with me via the Webmaster form in the contact section!

Hope you all like it, and hope to see you all at the meeting/jam afternoon on Wednesday!

Tim & Craig