Posted 6 Mar 2020, 2:11 a.m.

Pretty sure every band tonight would have walked a win back in my day. The standard was very high throughout. Floorboard were my clear favourite though.

Posted 6 Mar 2020, 8:28 a.m.

Wow. What an amazing night. It was an absolute joy to behold and I wish I wasn't judging so I could just enjoy the excellent music. I mean this genuinely, all bands last night were great and I think it was a fantastic final - probably my favourite ever.

Quick few extra thoughts now I've had time to think on it.

Overcoast: Very deserved winners. All three judges were stunned by that display - songs, vibes and the way in which you played was second to none. I found it very difficult to choose between you and Floorboard. Cannot get your songs out of my mind. Solos were on point. Also by FAR the best bass sound of the night - anyone complaining about having a bad sound only has themselves to blame - Sam did it (Also Jack the sound guy is excellent and has always done great jobs with bands in the past). 

Floorboard: My personal fav and the band I had in first. Astonishing. Everything about this performance was wonderful and I wish you were about for another year because you'd walk it - could have done so this evening. I think you were unlucky with the show stopping power of Overcoast and the fact they played last. You were on course to win until the last act. Be proud - I think you were flawless. 

Forester: Biggest surprise. I really thought you were gonna be swallowed up on that stage but you absolutely owned it. This is the band with the most unique sound and for me, has the best shot of cutting through the all the other music on the net to get recognised. Just tighten up and iron out creases - I really hope you go far. 

Sohler: Naturally, you guys might be a bit disappointed; winners coming fourth the following year. The thing is, if you see our comments, we are full of praise for the things you do well - sound like a real band, super tight, good musicianship and really hold a crowd. So what went wrong? Songs and your style - and that was echoed by the other two judges. I think last year, it was a much weaker final and your strong performance carried it for you but this year, in a final full of amazing performances combined with excellent songs, you just couldn't get into the top slots. Still a lot to be proud of and don't be disheartened - played great. 

Clearance: Similar to Forester, surprised me. A lot of contention about you guys winning your heat (I heard - wasn't there) but to be honest, I'm glad you were here (not just so we reduced the bandsoc incest a bit!). Another band that was different with a brilliant basis to build on. That last tune was brilliant - work from there because you've got a lot of potential to unlock.

Goldreed: Very surprised that I placed you last! Your songs are excellent and for the most part, you did play well. But overall, the performance was a little flat and the polish from the heat was gone. I can't put my finger on it but it just wasn't enough to sneak into the top slots. I don't think you give a shit - I still absolutely loved it and i'm annoyed I had to judge it, because as an audience member, it was fantastic. Sad that this is your last year!

Big shout out to Doug for jumping in last minute to judge and making a cracking debut. Big shout out to Thompson for rocking the comparing. Well done to Bandsoc for a wonderful year of music and let's hope the best is yet to come!  

Posted 6 Mar 2020, 8:32 a.m.

Spin my nipple nuts and call me Shirley, what a night.

All reign the time of Douglas!