Posted 8 Jun 2012, 11:24 p.m.

I'm replacing the jack socket and pots on an old guitar I got recently. Having not done this I'm a bit unsure. I've read that for single coils they're 250k pots - is it as simple as that? I.e. 2 the same and wire them up as per the original ones?

And the capacitor on the tone pot; does that need exactly matching?

Posted 12 Jun 2012, 2:49 p.m.

If it was down to me, I would change the pots and cap for identically rated ones, wire up the same and see if I liked the sound. As a general rule a humbucker has a higher impedance and requires a higher value pot to roll off the sound, so 250k for single coils and 250-500 for humbuckers (had to check wikipedia for this!), but I have absolutely no idea what any of my guitars have. The only difference I can imagine would be that if you didn't use a high enough value of pot, the guitar wouldn't be silenced fully - this happened to me when fitting a piezoelectric pickup, but i digress.

The capacitor essentially controls the frequency that gets rolled off, so you can experiment to see which gives you the most usable sound, but if it's a reasonable make of guitar, they've probably given it the most appropriate circuitry.

Good luck