Posted 12 Mar 2018, 10:01 a.m.

The Bandsoc Oscars 2018: Traditional Version (honourable mentions in parentheses; instead of embarrassing myself by not knowing some people's names, I'll just refer to everyone by their band name)

Best Singer: Aarya (Smoking Kills, Goldreed)

Best Guitarist: Carbon-14 main shredder (Shortwave guitar duo, Aarya)

Best Drummer: Floorboard (Tamarack, Goldreed)

Best Bassist: Cartwheel (Floorboard et al., Goldreed)

Best Keys: Tamarack (Floorboard)

Best Use of Other Instrument: Floorboard flute (Pascal melodica, Haystack fiddle, Sad Baths toaster)

Favourite Band: Tamarack (Cartwheel, Floorboard, Culture Blood, Human Resources)

Best Soloist: Aarya (Elizabeth Penwill)

Best Song: "Major Minor" ("Trucks, Deer & Drinking Beer", "Good Girls Only Eat Toast for Breakfast")

Best Front Person: Human Resources (Shortwave, Pascal)

Most Improved: Tamarack (Floorboard)

Best New Band: Goldreed (Human Resources)

Best Band Name: Floorboard (Tamarack, Goldreed)

Ones to Watch For Next Year: Goldreed (River Purple)

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The Bandsoc Oscars 2018: Traditional Version

Best Singer: keys player from pascal

Best Guitarist: dude from carbon-14(!!!!!)

Best Drummer: ashley

Best Bassist: george

Best Keys: alex

Best Use of Other Instrument: cowbell in Naga sadhu's set? lol ik that doesn't really count

Favourite Band:GoldReed

Best Soloist: aarya

Best Song: major minor

Best Front Person: knight owls guy

Most Improved: tamarack

Best New Band: GoldReed

Best Band Name: Oedipus Rex

Ones to Watch For Next Year: space whales

The Bandsoc Oscars 2018: Fun Version

Best On Stage Use Of Hair: Luke eves

Best Dressed: demographics? haha if im not allowed to vote for myself liam in culture blood, what a Look

Most Unlucky: Elizabeth Penwill (Why were the judges so mean to you, I loved your set <3 <3)

Best Technical Fault: Tristan's broken string :'(

Most Intense set:

Best Banter: knight owls

Worst Banter: frizz laurent

Most Entertaining: Pascal and the pdfs

Best Playing Face: benny

The Dan Carlotta Award For Worst Bass Face: Lisa Malki

The Phil Mountford Award For Dissent And Displeasure: ???

Catchiest Song: shortwaves let it out song has been stuck in my head since i first heard it

Best Judge: Will! 

The Haystack Award For Most Offensive Band: haystack i guess??

Best Heat: 3

Best Lyrics: Aarya's mum and dad song made me cry (admittedly not that difficult a feat), so good!!!!

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 12:30 p.m.

Eric's cowbell has definitely had a few mentions in that category in previous years with other bands :) 

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 1:45 p.m.

Come to think of it, what are Naga Sadhu's songs called?

Can their names not be expressed in text?

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 2:05 p.m.

They are just numbered in the order we wrote them. If we were to give them names, they would probably be called things like "The Slothlord Riseth".

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 2:28 p.m.

Bad Sloth Ancient Kush Druid

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 2:30 p.m.

All five of shortwaves songs this year have been called "The New One" or "The Goblin Song"

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 3:25 p.m.

If my knowledge of the names of the mandem is poor, sozzles

The Bandsoc Oscars 2018: Traditional Version

Best Singer: EH PASCAL

Best Guitarist: Blow Jake

Best Drummer: George Phleby

Best Bassist: Andrew Klein

Best Keys: Alex Jenkins

Best Use of Other Instrument: EH MELODICA

Favourite Band: Culture Blood were literally the only band (excl comedy acts, soloists) I properly enjoyed. I really fucking enjoyed it though.

Best Soloist: Aarya

Best Song: PUT YA HANDS IN THA AIR IF YA GOT A SPRING WEEK. Lol jk, and it pains me to say it but Arm America was probably the catchiest song this year.

The Adam Thompson award for Best Front Person: Pascal (/Ian Larsson because he voted for me in this category and he also fucking slayed it)

Most Improved: Ashley Noel-Hirst (as an individual)

Best New Band: Human Resources

Best Band Name: They were all shocking except Culture Blood which is a fully legit band name

Ones to Watch For Next Year: Goldreed

The Bandsoc Oscars 2018: Fun Version

Best On Stage Use Of Hair: Liam Carroll - solid, sensible haircut, no fucking about with these stupid curly locks

Best Dressed: Haystack

Most Unlucky: I'd say Tamarak in the heat, but they weren't unlucky - IT WAS ALL ALEX'S FAULT. So I'm going to say Liam Carroll, for being so sad, in a bath, with a toaster UNLUCKY M9

Best Technical Fault: POP

Most Intense set: Culture Blood (Final)

Best Banter: Pascal

Worst Banter: Pascal

Most Entertaining: Pascal

Best Playing Face: Ian Larsson

The Dan Carlotta Award For Worst Bass Face: Pascal's bassists, because he is literally the spitting image of Carly

The Phil Mountford Award For Dissent And Displeasure: All the old Bandsoc members in our Facebook message, complaining about how THE COMPETITION WAS SO MUCH HIGHER QUALITY IN OUR DAY MOSTLY IN 2013 WHY CAN'T IT BE 2013 I MISS BEING IN COASTMILENURSEFLOORSMENFRANCIS

Catchiest Song: Honestly Arm America (It pains me)

Best Judge: Easily Willy McK for his phenomenal semi efforts

The Haystack Award For Most Offensive Band: Daniel Carlotta

The Dan Carlotta award for bad star wars puns: Dan

The Dan Peacock award for being the Loogeman: Joe Blake

Best Heat: 5

Best Lyrics: Pascal

The Thompson Perry Hollebon Klein Award For Most Bands In Final: Who was on stage during literally every set throughout the evening? THAT'S RIGHT, IT WAS ME MOTHER FUCKERS, STILL HOLDING THE RECORD

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 3:46 p.m.

Actually Adam, you'll find that the entirety of Shortwave spent the most time on stage, due to our whopping 2 hours of """"""""soundcheck"""""""""... 

In fact, due to us being having graced the finals three times, this huge soundcheck probably qualifies Shortwave for...

Greatest Total Time Spent On Copper Rooms 1 Stage: Shortwave

Prove me wrong.

Posted 12 Mar 2018, 3:51 p.m.

Dear both, you will find that the award is called "The Thompson Perry Hollebon Klein Award For Most Bands In Final". Not highest number of times. Not longest total duration. But number of bands. 

Please consider nominating yourselves for the "Pedant's award for longest total duration and/or highest number of times on stage" award instead.