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Posted 11 Mar 2019, 3:18 a.m.

Judge: Tim

Artist: Sohler

Musicianship/Skill – 4.5

Some quite intricate parts well executed by all.

Occasional pitch issues with vox.

All great actually, confident and skilled.

Professionalism – 4.5

Slick. Big sound for 3+1.

Great tone on guitar.

5 songs and comfortable transitions bang on 20:00. Cable yank!

Songwriting – 4

2ndsong – great ending.

All thoughtfully written and unrepetitive. Complex parts but not too busy.

Would like to see more dynamic shifts (song 5 good).

Creativity – 3

Well-trodden ground but obviously not lazily written.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 4


No fuss, onto the next song.

Behind head guitar solo bit out of place.

Overall – 20/25

You’ve all got chops and these are good songs, would love to see just a bit more complexity to songs.

Rank: 1st

Judge: Tim

Artist: Ellie Dixon

Musicianship/Skill – 4

All very confident, very cohesive.

Great vocal delivery on fast phrases.

Nice voicing choices on guitar, good chops from strat.

Creative drum beats. Bass & drums coherent. Some bum notes on bass.

Professionalism – 4

-5 for Adam’s banter (lol jk).

1 or more toms are boomy, could use some moongel.

Don’t use other peoples’ hi hat clutches kids…

20:30 mins.

Songwriting – 3.5

1: Catchy, nice stops & tempo changes.

2: Great dynamics, build ups.

3: Interesting intro, Santana?! Semi-reggae verses.

4: Good beat, well written, less interesting.

Creativity – 2

My immediate thought was Lily Allen… but it developed from there.

Wasn’t blowing my mind but that’s not a bad thing.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 3.5

Keeps jumping throughout – good effort.

Nono not the clapping thing.

Great job overall, up first.

Asking for crowd interaction…

Overall – 17/25

Good stuff, keep writing.

Rank: 2nd

Judge: Tim

Artist: Pascal

Musicianship/Skill – 3

Getting Tay Zonday vibes from keyboards guy (get a real band).

It’s pretty sloppy tbh. 2ndsong tighter, then not.

Mostly perfunctory but not bad.

Professionalism – 2

Feedback from somewhere.

-$25,000,000 for using Adobe’s trademark.

On timeOh wait there’s more.

The classic cable yank.

Songwriting – 2.5

1st: Nanananananananananananananananana

2nd: Bizarre genre change, where is Nile Rodgers. Is he behind you?

3rd: Eponymous, not much else.

4th: I feel violated.

It’s flight of the conchords but worse.

Creativity – 3

Okay chorale intro is pretty good.

And a march…?

Does it count as creative if it’s in service of something bad?

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 3.5

+1 for the outfits….and all the other outfits.

Effort was high.

Overall – 14/25

If this was Battle of the Memes you’d be front runners. It’s not though.

Rank: 3rd

Judge: Tim

Artist: IncarnalKillswitch Engage

Musicianship/Skill – 3

Reckon this could do with another guitar.

Vocals lacking presence, out of tune in the singy bits.

Band tight but unambitious, particularly drums.

Second vox hitting the spot.

Professionalism – 3

Between song ¾…? Not sure what happened.

Good time 19:00.

Songwriting – 2

1st: Not really grabbing me.

3rd: I am counting to 4…Tiny bit of 11.

4th: Slower part was good.

Needs much more points of interest overall.

Creativity – 2

Not really sure what vocal style you’re going for. Anguished warbling or punk?

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 2.5

Half yelling/ half midlands drawl in between songs isn’t working at all.

Good effort w/attitude but it isn’t landing.

Overall – 12.5/25

I would prefer this if it was either more technical or more raw, at the moment it’s in a middle grey area on the spectrum between Drose and Meshuggah.

Rank: 4th

Judge: Tim

Artist: Aarya ready for the next act?

Musicianship/Skill – 2

Attempting some pretty fiddly loops. Hit and miss.

Faster vocal lines a bit garbled, lost beats here and there.

Pitch mostly okay, falsetto needs work. Range stretched a bit.

Guitar work fine.

Professionalism – 2.5

Dodgy transition into “Pascal”.

Ba ba ba ba ba … manage mic distance.

On time 19:49.

Cable yank!

Songwriting - 1.5

1st: The loop perc. is a bit off – bomb in a Cajon factory. Millennial anthem…

2nd: I get it’s supposed to be about the lyrics but the song is boring musically.

3rd: Not convinced the band is adding anything here, maybe detracting.

Creativity – 1

Standard stuff. Ends in a different place to where it started but not really improved.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 2

Don’t introduce the song and then introduce it again.

Asking for crowd interaction…not working.

See you guys in smack.

Overall – 9/25

“Loop pedals were a mistake” – Albert Einstein.

The music is almost perfunctory, needs much more thought.

Rank: 5th

Judge: Tim

Artist: Smoking Kills

Musicianship/Skill – 1.5

Drumming quite rigid, highlighted by loose vox.

Vox off at times in particular in high registers.

Some bad tuning/wrong notes from guitar.

Professionalism – 1

What was that dead silent song transition?

Bad luck with bass amp?

Another wonky transition.

[Horrible guitar noises] [sic].

Distinct lack of talking.

Songwriting – 1

1 & 2 run of the mill.

Nothing to report. It is definitely possible to do more within this style.

4: “Sweet casserole”?

Creativity – 0


Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 0.5

“Disinterested rock band demeanour”.

Having a good time????

Instagram @me hashtag.

“I don’t remember the name of this one”.

Overall – 4/25

Rank: 6th

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 3:19 a.m.

Judge: Fin

Artist: Pascal & the PDF Files

Musicianship/Skill – 3.5

Drums: Nothing revolutionary, but well played. Could use a bit more playing with grooves.

Keys: Kinda miss for a lot of it but section with guitar was ace.

Bass: Nice grooves holding everything together.

Guitar: Cleanly played. Solo was crisp as balls.

Keys vox: Yeah phenomenal.

Vox: Good and clear throughout.

Professionalism – 3

Where did that feedback come from – doesn’t correspond with anything you are doing so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

The perfect amount of melodica. Efficient.

Oh no, your email put you over 20 minutes :’(

Cable yank.

Songwriting – 4

Fantastic transition from the choral arrangement to a more conventional song.

Songs hold together nicely.

Good use of both tension and release.

Creativity – 3.5

That vocal opening though.

Call and response keys and guitar was a lovely touch.

Songs are nicely varied in theme but nothing special individually.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 5

Best BOTB cold open.

Decent range on some of those planes…

That’s a hell of a fucking shirt.

It’s like you planned out a stage show or something…

Overall – 19/25

“I want to hate them, but I can’t” – Buttigieg, in frustration.

You managed to both write a great set of songs and put on a fantastic show too.

Rank: 1st

Judge: Fin

Artist: Sohler

Musicianship/Skill – 3.5

Drums – some nice little licks in there. Possibly a touch loose though?

Vox – Tuneful & decent power.

Guitar vox – Good backing vox.

Bass – Cleanly played. Occasionally finding your own space.

Guitar – Nice riffs well played through the solos.

Professionalism – 4

Nice job thanking the exec. Three cheers for the exec.

On without issue.

Nice tone on the guitars & bass.

Cable yank :( -1.

Songwriting – 3

Songs flow nicely, but structures are all fairly basic - always nice hearing a bass with something to actually do.

Feels like you default to a fairly standard structure just as things get interesting.

Creativity – 3.5

Nice start to your first song, but it kinda ended a bit underwhelming.

Nicely discordant chord choices in 2ndsong.

I feel you could lean into the weirdness a bit more though.

Last song did this a fair amount – wait it’s lost it…

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 4

Decent amount of movement on stage. Kimono seems a bit out of place but works.

Guitar behind the head – haven’t seen that in ages.

Overall – 18/25

Getting a frontman was a sound choice. I think you need to find your own sound a little more though it feels like you’re playing it safe right now.

Rank: 2nd

Judge: Fin

Artist: Ellie Dixon

Musicianship/Skill – 3.5

Drums – nice progression using just the hats in the first song. 3rdsong – lovely groove.

Guitar SL – Cleanly played, love a bit of whammy.

Guitar SR – Good fingering 3rdsong – v. clean.

Old man Dan – Mostly tasteful fills, nice to hear you not following the guitars. Could use more synergy with drums maybe?

Vox – Get a bit of a Lily Allen vibe from the first song. Flawless execution.

Professionalism – 4.5

Seem to be running a little late, unfortunately this left us with more of Thompson’s ad libbing.

Good banter, cheeky bit of self promotion. Classic thanking people for coming before the last song has started.

Songwriting – 3

1st– Good use of build through the intro to the first song.

2nd– Everything flows nicely, but I started to find it a bit repetitive towards the end.

Overall superb understanding of tension and dynamics.

Creativity – 3

It’s a nice feel-good vibe but possible a bit over reliant on repeating.

Nice tonal shift in song 3.

Whilst I think you’ve got a great understanding of how to use tension you’re not playing around with it enough for me.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 3.5

The only person who can start a mosh pit is the band (I’m just gutted I can’t be in the crowd for one). Good movement from vox – can’t help but feel we could use some more life from the guitars. Good decision to hide Dan at the back though. Good chat with the crowd.

Overall – 17.5/25

An excellent start to the final. Would add to a non-ironic Spotify playlist. Can’t help but want you to experiment a bit more with your sounds.

Rank: 3rd

Judge: Fin

Artist: Incarnal

Musicianship/Skill – 3

Drums – Tasteful double kick! Nicely varied beats.

Guitar – You’ve got chug for days. Cleanly played in the higher segments.

Bass – You’re rounding out the mix but I’d like to see you cut loose a bit more.

Vox – Decent aggression mostly good throughout, though the odd question able section.

Surprise deep vox – feel like I’m playing Killing Floor.

Professionalism – 3

Guitar seemed a bit muddy at the low end at times.

On and off without issue.

I didn’t buy that you actually wanted to start throwing punches or summon Satan.

Songwriting – 2.5

Songs hang together well, some use of tension builds, but fairly rudimentary.

You could boost the intensity by letting up at times to allow some tonal shifts.

Creativity – 2

Oh hey a bit of groove, I can write something here now.

Kind of disappointed by how normal the “11/8” song was – are you sure it’s 11/8?

Nothing revolutionary, getting a fairly Zynthetic (they do the Killing Floor 2 OST) vibe (especially with the surprise vox).

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 3

Looks like a pit opened the fuck up.

Good banging from the guitarist and drummer – could use a bit more from vox.

Not sure you’re quite nailing the attitude you’re going for with the stage banter – feels a bit forced.

Overall – 13.5/25

It’s good for what it is, but there’s nothing revolutionary here. I think you need to develop a more unique sound. I can’t buy the attitude you’re going for though, you need to either no sell or go right over the top.

Rank: 4th

Judge: Fin

Artist: Aarya

Musicianship/Skill – 2.5

Guitar – lots of strumming.

Vox – Pretty good, fast paced bit was impressive.

Loop pedal – don’t set a simple riff to loop because you can’t be bothered to play it.

Not a huge amount of variety on display.

Professionalism – 3

You were 10 when your folks told you about sex? I was three…

Not sure who that reflects on tbh…

Crowd participation bit didn’t really work did it.

On an off without incident. Good timing. Fucking cable pull again!

Songwriting – 2

Songs work, but they are pretty barebones. Lots of repetitive chordy sections.

I feel you’ve put a lot of thought into your vocal lines and then thrown some melody under them.

Creativity – 1.5

Loop work in first song was a bit played out. So it was nice to have the added oomph of Pascal, but you didn’t really use them for anything.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 2.5

London is the answer to no one’s problems.

2ndsong – this would be much more interesting if you were actually playing it, not just looping it.

Oh hi Pascal!

Overall – 11.5/25

Good vocals but I don’t think you’ve really thought of the music part of it as much.

Keep on it though.

Rank: 5th

Judge: Fin

Artist: The Smoking Kills

Musicianship/Skill – 2.5

Drums – Feels a bit rigid, feels like this sort of stuff needs more groove.

Bass – Your fuzz sounds like your bass is committing suicide.

Guitar – A bit muddy. Cleanly played but not a lot going on.

Vox – Decently haunting at times. A touch out of tune at places.

Professionalism – 2

Handled the bass amp dying well – mix is a bit fucked now, but not really your fault I guess.

Something is out of tune.

Silence. What is this ending?

Songwriting – 2

The songs hold together well, but they’re pretty by the numbers.

You’ve got some nice riffs but you’re overly reliant on standard structures and chord heavy sections.

Creativity – 1

Alice in Chains – it got messier from here! There’s not a great deal of personality in your songs.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 2.5

Telling the crowd don’t go isn’t a great start :P

Oh dear, what was that jacket throw?

Kinda awkward in crowd banter.

There’s a wah of sound, but it sounds accidental more than your aim…

Overall – 10/25

You’re cribbing heavily from your inspirations. You play technically well, but there’s no real spark here. Keep refining your sound and I think you’ll find something here.

Rank: 6th

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 3:20 a.m.

Judge: Buttigieg


Musicianship/Skill – 4

Vox: Very compelling frontman, you didn’t have one in the heats? Careful with pitch in some parts but great for the most part, would like to see you explore your range a bit more.

Bass + Guitar: Worked really well together, some technical parts locked in beautifully. Guitar tone is delicious.

Drums: Complemented + drove the songs. Harmonies top drawer.

Professionalism – 4

Your transitions into each song were really slick, a note for the other bands. You weirdly sounder bigger than Incarnal and they were metulz.

Ah fuck – was that another cable yank?! Have to take a point away. Sorry!

Songwriting – 4

Song 1: Good opener, very Muse-y chorus.

Song 2: Really varied + catchy chorus, ending was banging.

Song 3: Very very generic hook, got more interesting as the song went on. Interesting solo.

Song 4: Another great chorus enhanced with harmonies + mad post-chorus.

Song 5: Really fucking big intro + chorus was pretty grungy.

Creativity – 4

Did you guys ever listen to Hundred Reasons or Reuben? Really interesting in parts, very British rock.

You danced a few times on the trodden line, but there was enough in each song (especially the choruses) to mix it up a bit.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 4

Other front people take notes. That’s how you act on stage. A few thank yous, big up the other bands, move on.

Seemed really happy to be up there, energy showed, would have been even better with some more crowd interaction.

Overall – 20/25

Very polished performance, lit up the stage, good blend of British rock + American grunge without going all Puddle of Mudd (thank god).

Rank: 1st

Judge: Buttigieg

Artist: Ellie Dixon Lorde ya ya ya

Musicianship/Skill – 3.5

Vox: Really cuts through the instruments; sounds like Lorde (good thing). Careful with pitching, a bit flat in song 2.

Bass: Fine. Jk, nice fingering. Tone a TINY BIT muddy, would liked to have heard it stick out more. Bass out of tune at the end.

G Right: Lovely tone on the strat, careful with the mute pick (in song 2).

G Left: Really held the band together with the rhythm, nothing too fancy, not needed, v good. P.S. did your string break?! Didn’t notice.

Drums: A few duff fills + timing issues but v. good for most part. Interesting fills in song 1.

Professionalism – 4

Even though it’s clearly the singer’s band, you were all proper pro, guitarist changed his guitar very quickly + with no fuss. No issues really. Don’t highlight when you have a technical difficulty though!

Songwriting – 4.5

1st: Interesting drum sequences, very Summer 2016 sounding song.

2nd: I love the harmonies, how are you doing this?! Very catchy chorus + good build ups to the end of the song, took us on a nice journey.

3rd: Sounds like the beginning of Santana + a porn movie (an HQ one). Good build up to the solo.

4th: Nice! Very 2 Door Cinema Club. Pre-chorus is 10/10, with the harmonies as well.

Creativity – 3.5

There is a really good mix of pop, bit of RnB, very current-sounding but not too generic. Good mix of songs. Every chorus was catchy + sounded different from one another.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 3

Always difficult going first, clearly confident on the stage. Yes it’s Ellie’s band, but you all gel well and have good chemistry, not really much going on with the crowd until the last song.

Overall – 18.5/25

Yellow probably one of my favourite ever songs from a BandSoc band. Very current + poppy, clearly influenced by current pop acts. Good start to the evening. I think a bit more practice to avoid timing issues, also I think you would benefit from some keys!

Rank: 2nd

Judge: Buttigieg

Artist: LinkedIn Park Mr Coc Nile Rogers’ Backing Band Pascal & the PDF Files

Musicianship/Skill – 4

Vocals: For the most part, harmonies were fantastic. Sunglasses man – careful not to overpower with the harmonies. Keyboard vocalist – Wow, much power, such voice!

Drums: Groovy baby! Nothing fancy.

Bass: Plodded along nicely underneath.

Keys: Appropriately cheesy AF.

Professionalism – 3

You were 1 minute over, that’s -1.

Cable yank, another -1.

It was going so well as well.

Songwriting – 3

1: What you did there with your name. I see it. Jesus kicked into the RnB. Great harmonies, lots of layers + build up to the end.

2: OSX, sex? Er, love it. I mean, I think Nile Rogers has written this song about 81 times.

3: Love the rapping + singing – Jimi Hendrix guitar lick.

4: Okay?

5: Despacito (Pascal remix).

6: Not needed.

Creativity – 3

Choral intro was a really nice touch, haven’t seen that before, clearly a big joke playing super cheese, kind of gets a bit old after the 100thutterance of Pascal.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 5

Robes + 1 point.

Outfit change +1 point.

Abs (holy shit mother may I?) +1 point.

You’re a comedy band. I didn’t want to laugh, but I did. Audience laughed. So must be good.

Overall – 18/25

Really funny to start with, the last song was a bad way to end, and the spring week thing made it amateurish. You were pretty slick up until that point. Very well rehearsed though.

Rank: 3rd

Judge: Buttigieg

Artist: Incarnal Killswitch Engage

Musicianship/Skill – 4

Vox (Female): Kind of shouty, growly, worked well in the context of the music.

Bass: Took a while to get going; fucking loved the tone. V Brutal.

Drums: 10/10 for tightness, loved the double bass work and the changes though got a bit repetitive…

Guitar: Great tone for the music, nice riffs + sweeping, I’m still trying to work out if you need another guitarist to fatten the sound out a bit.

Vox (Male): Best screamer I’ve seen in BandSoc for 10 years by a country mile, get him in more songs.

Professionalism – 4

Bassist – nice one for keeping playing when you have technical difficulties.

Songwriting – 2.5

Song 1: Riff-tastic – fucking gnarly drums, kind of repetitive though. I hate you, I blame you!...okay…

Song 2: Riff riff repeat – the drums and bass bring out the intensity though.

Song 3: Chorus more interesting with the two vocalists.

Song 4: Very Slipknot-esque riff, again, kind of melds into the rest.

Creativity – 2

(LOL I’m watching FIN + TIM count the beats in song 3, they’re drummers…) Yeah nothing to report here, pretty cookie cutter stuff, everything just worked fine, but would liked to have seen some more variation in the songs.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 3.5

‘I’m about to throw some punches’?

‘Shit’s about to get real’?

Cool it with the clichés, don’t need them, felt forced.

6/10 for the pit, could have been bigger, but crowd clearly love it.

Overall – 16/25

Like the attitude a lot and the intensity, let down by pretty similar sounding songs.

It’s a hard genre to be original + creative in, but you delivered the performance well, you’re all super tight together.

Rank: 4th

Judge: Buttigieg

Artist: Aarya Ed Sheeran

Musicianship/Skill – 2.5

Backing band: Fine. Didn’t do anything wrong.

Loopy loop: Ah man, the timing was slightly off! Made the song messy.

Vocals: Solid, really good control, stepped away from the mic for the super loud bits, your falsettos were on point, you started to strain a bit and go off pitch a bit towards the end.

Professionalism – 2.5

Some weird transitions that felt clunky.


Songwriting – 2

Song 1: I hate hearing songs about where I live, it ain’t that great man, although the chorus was catchy. See note about loop pedal.

Song 2: Best lyrics of the night, you got ‘cricket’ in the song, very sickly sweet.

Song 3: Oh no, Pascal! Nice change of pace but not sure if they’re needed! What are they adding except LOUDNESS.

Song 4: Ba ba ba ba – catchy, but too long man. LOOOONG.

Creativity – 2

I see what you’re trying to do, introducing the band does mix it up a little bit, but it’s very ‘singer songwriter with guitar’. Sweet in parts, catchy in others, but pretty meh for the most part.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 2

Eesh, asking crowd for help, no no.

See you in Smack dude! Some nice story telling, went on a bit, seemed like people got bored.

Overall – 11/25

Yeah it was good, but not quite Carling. Harvey Francis did this better. Sorry. You have a lovely voice though, careful not to strain though.

Rank: 5th

Judge: Buttigieg

Artist: The Smoking Kills Guns n’ Roses (1993-2015)

Musicianship/Skill – 1.5

Vox: Don’t cut through well, pretty standard.

Drums: Pretty stiff but probably best part of band.

Bass: Loads of feedback.

Guitar: Tone really muddy + feedback.

Overall the playing is pretty sloppy.

Professionalism – 1

BandSoc, buy a new bass amp please.

Very studenty band, looked nervous on stage, all very stiff.

Songwriting – 1.5

Song 1: You built the song around that riff, it’s not interesting enough to drive the song.

Song 2: Again, similar to first song, at least chorus was catchy.

Song 3: Man there’s a really awkward chord in the verses that just doesn’t work, post chorus is really flat.

Song 4: This is getting harder and harder to listen to.

Creativity – 1

Middle of the road grunge, clearly wearing your influences on your sleeves, but there’s just nothing interesting about it.

Stage Presence/Entertainment Value – 0

God that was a deathly quiet silence and it was awkward between first + second song. You need to work on some transitions between the songs. God it’s painful!! Please TALK!!

‘I don’t remember the name of this song’ – REALLY?? YOU PLAY 5 SONGS + DON’T REMEMBER THE NAME.

Overall – 5/25

Sorry guys, it just ain’t working tonight. Nerves perhaps? Think you guys need to really tighten your set + work on some transitions between songs because it was really uncomfortable.

Rank: 6th

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 3:23 a.m.

Final Scores

1st Sohler (1+2+1=4)

Joint 2nd Ellie Dixon (2+3+2=7)

Joint 2nd Pascal & the PDF Files (3+1+3=7)

4th Incarnal (4+4+4=12)

5th Aarya (5+5+5=15)

6th Smoking Kills (6+6+6=18)

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 3:24 a.m.

Congratulations to SOHLER for winning Battle of the Bands 2019!

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 8:39 a.m.

Well done everyone! Just remember that if you didn't do that well, In The End, It Doesn't Even Matter

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 9:33 a.m.

It’s about taking part that counts. Nobody cares about winning. Especially Dan. 

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 1:11 p.m.

Overall good final I thought - improvement on last year. Not many people saw Sohler coming in to win so well done to those guys - must have really upped their game from heats - Will has a tremendous presence.

I think in the end, the way the night and the order panned out, meant that no one could really fight them too much for it so credit to Sohler for that. I think had we or incarnal been on later it might have been closer between the three bands. shame that Aarya and TSK wasted fifth and sixth by finishing fifth and sixth (lol jk).

Fin what the fuck were you thinking putting pascal first (sorry pascal - you were my favourite but no) - silly boy. 

Probably agree most with Mike, least with Fin and mixed with Tim. 

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 1:22 p.m.

thank you to all the bands that played! Really inspiring night!

Posted 11 Mar 2019, 4:18 p.m.

Fin what the fuck were you thinking putting pascal first (sorry pascal - you were my favourite but no) - silly boy.

I was thinking: which of these 6 bands has gotten the highest total score in all 5 categories.

You mind elaborating why you think it's such a bad decision? From where I was sat they were some of the most talented musicians that played. They were very professional apart from maybe a cable yank? Their songs were no worse written than anyone else's. Their set was both the most diverse in genre and also contained a fair amount of humour which speaks of great creativity and their stage presence was by far the best of the night.

In all 5 categories I felt they excelled.