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Posted 25 Feb 2013, 1:07 p.m.

Hands down the best strat i've ever played, such a lovely tone and so easy to play. It just takes a bit of the nasty sharpness of the average strat tone, if only i had the money.....


Posted 25 Feb 2013, 1:26 p.m.

Eric Johnson is a don. That guitar is beautiful too. What do you think takes away the sharpness? custom pickups? 

I do love strat single coils, but also hate the buzz they have. I would always replace them with a humbucking version, personally. (Not a humbucker, just a strat sounding single coil with hum cancelling like the Dimarzio area 58 i put in my custom build)

Posted 25 Feb 2013, 3:11 p.m.

Yh the pickups really nicely round off the tone, but there are a few tweaks here and there that affect the sound albeit in a small way i.e lack of string tree, extra spring in the trem. But also the guitar itself is more modelled on a vintage style strat, not the too mention the playability is incredible. I tried to buy those pickups for my strat a couple of years ago but at the time they were only sold on the guitar. True the hum can be irritating but it seems to have more of an effect through cheaper amps for some reason i got loads more hum out of the old marshalls than the blackstars