AdamThompson / Adam Thompson

Yo mother bitches, I'm the Thompson from Nurse Joy. Influences are everything from Death metal to Dubstep via The Police and Flogging Molly. I am a vocalist, and I play the funkycorz in Nurse Joy (BOTB 2013 Winners and greatest bandsoc band of all time), and previously played the metulz in Gunmen of The Apocalypse (BOTB 2013 Finalists), and the death metal clarinet in Toast is Here (BOTB 2013 Finalists). As of 2015, I also joined and played with Nakpat (BOTB 2015 Finalists)!

I was the 2012/13 Bandsoc sercretary, which was the best exec ever.

As of 2016, The Thompson is now officially judging your musical shiznae

Chris Carter, March 2017: "These two are like Bandsoc's Bert and Ernie: one's a lovable, affable character, and the other one is basically a cunt with a long face."

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