Hello, i'm Cameron and for the next year, I will be serving as vice president! Following a cataclysmic term as webmaster, I now co-pilot the society,
helping out with gig organisation, bookings and event management. If you need to contact me, you can at Talking music, I am a
4 string supremacist, devoting my life to the bass and lending my mediocre playing and sub-par ear to those in desperate need of someone to play the root notes
underneath crappy power chords in slightly wobbly 4/4 time. If you like this pitch, hire me! I currently play with Mechanoid, a power metal band who play
songs about giant robots, but am currently meddling and dabbling with various other ideas.

I am a punk and metal enthusiast- though my current addictions are noise, shoegaze and math. I have a killer sweet spot for spoken word- which is totally
100% not pretentious as hell. I am also the secretary for Offbeat Society, so expect to see me there too!

(Also my name sounds like camera AHAHA)

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