JackOsmond / Jack Osmond

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Hello, my name's Jack and I'm going to be your President for the next year! I'm responsible for the day to day life of the society, including but not limited to organising various BandSoc gigs, helping maintain the practice room, and ensuring everyone is getting the most they can expect out of their society membership! You can find me at any time by standing in front of a mirror and chanting "Jack from GoldReed" three times, or else by dropping me a message on Facebook, or emailing me at j.osmond@warwick.ac.uk.

My primary instrument is guitar (but I can be persuaded to step in as a bassist, keyboardist, or violinist), and enjoy playing anything vaguely rocky, alternative or spacey. I will always be down for joining any BandSoc project if you ask me, regardless of genre, provided it doesn't involve Ollie.

Treasurer 2019-20
President 2020-21

BotB Semi Finalist - GoldReed, 2018/2019
Finalist - GoldReed, 2020

Bassist in flooded basement, 2020

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