Tristan_Thompson / Tristan Thompson

ShIbBoLeTh iS tHe BeSt DoOm BaNd

Guitarist for Shibboleth and Incarnal, also probably looking for another band so lemme know if you're interested in doing something heavier than anyone else dares to ;)

If you are looking to hire gear from the society, please contact me by email at with the subject title "Bandsoc Gear Hire, (Name)". Gear hires are dependant on the type of event the gear will be used for and we ask that we are given at least a weeks notice for all hire outs.

I am happy to do minor setup and electronics changes (such as pickup changes) on your guitars and basses, contact me at with the subject title "Bandsoc Tech Setup, (Name)" if this interests you. Prices may vary but I'll try to be better value than local stores.

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