I am a polifacetic musician. Played violin for one year at 5. Broke two violins and three bows that year so my parents decided to switch me to piano. After six years I decided to play the drumkit and did it for three years and a half. I used to play the drumkit on two different bands. Meanwhile I learnt to play other drums as Derbouka, Cajón and Djembe mainly. I often play the ukulele. Over all that stuff I'd like to call myself an intermediate level singer. I sang for five years on a choir, had one year of classical singing training and four summer contemporary singing seminars. I am mainly a latin music singer so, for example, I am good at singing cuban and argentinian music as well as latin rock.
I like all kinds of music, from bossa nova, blues, acid jazz or folk to melodic black metal, heavy metal, pop-punk or hardstyle.
I will be your publicity officer for 2015/2016! :)

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