To anyone lucky enough to have got themselves a place at Warwick this year - congratulations!!
Bandsoc is the place at Warwick for anyone who loves live music. We're already planning loads of exciting events for the start of term to make it easy for anyone to get involved and get a band together - so if you want in on this, make sure you give us a like here on Facebook, and check out our website & our Instagram!
We'll also have a stall at the Freshers Fair so make sure you come and say hi to us then!
For now, you can enjoy the footage from this year's Battle of the Bands Final - here are the winners of the competition, Meeting Chico.

Much Love

The Exec

Hey all,

Hope those of you who have finished exams are all enjoying yourselves! Good luck to those who are still going :)

Upcoming STH/Robin's Well/Acoustic CU Gig/Kasbah Cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Kasbah gig we were planning for Week 8 , but we're replacing these with 2 gigs in Week 9! On Tuesday we will be hosting a gig at Stewarts TapHouse again, and then Thursday we will be returning to Robin's Well. If you wish to play at either of these which will be 30 min slots, please email/Facebook in quickly as slots will be gone pretty quickly. Also we are looking for acoustic acts to play at a Summer BBQ gig hosted by the Christian Union on Friday Week 9, so again message in if you want to play.

Practice Room Revamp

Again we've added in a couple new features to the Practice Room so keep on respecting the room we're keeping set up with pristine kit for you guys.

Last Exit (Zephyr)

Week 10 we will be hosting the legendary annual gig that is Last Exit - A last gig for bands that will be graduating this year. Keep this in your calenders because it is certain to be an unforgettable night.

See you all soon!

Bandsoc love,



Instagram: @warwickbandsoc

Hey hey all,

Week 5 is upon us and that means exams have started for many of us :( Good luck to all of you and best of luck to all those who have already finished! Think this serves as a reminder of the importance of a way to destress e.g. get excited for Week 8 Kasbah gig!


BOTB 2015-16 Final photos have now been uploaded so head to the Facebook page to relive this fantastic night! Thanks to Alex Wilks photography for this.


There will be no all-society meetings over the next two weeks due to exams, but we will still be selling credits at the SUHQ from 1-1:30pm on Wednesdays. Remember this is your only opportunity to get credits so make sure to turn up! This week our VP Ed will be selling these so look out for him, but from next week again it will be back to Ege.

Radio Show

As per usual every two weeks Bandsoc presents takes over RaW from 8pm on Tuesday so make sure to listen in to Eli/Ed/Matt next week. (Tuesday Week 6)

As said before, best of luck to everyone and hope to see you all after the next couple of weeks,

bandsoc love,



Instagram: @warwickbandsoc

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